Basil Peters

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Basil Peters by Mind Map: Basil Peters

1. Education, Entrepreneurship and the Future of the Western World

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3. Book: Early Exits – Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors (But Maybe Not Venture Capitalists)

4. We have been fortunate in BC

4.1. World class education

4.2. One of the greatest economies in the world

4.2.1. Forestry

4.2.2. Mining

4.2.3. Fishing

4.3. Today, all these industries are in trouble

5. Decline of the Western World

5.1. Not as well of as our parents!

5.2. We are where the Romans were in the time of Nero

5.3. Or the British were at the end of the colonial period

5.4. Why?

5.4.1. Global trade

5.4.2. Technology

5.4.3. The World is Now a Small Place

6. Bright Spots

6.1. Startups create ALL the new Jobs!

6.1.1. This has been going for the last 30 years

6.1.2. They're mostly based on knowledge

6.1.3. Not on natural resources Based on our minds

6.2. Startups have changed!

6.2.1. The amount of capital required

6.2.2. How quickly they grow

6.2.3. How early they can exit (be sold)

7. A Golden Era for Enterpreneurs

7.1. There has never been time before to create a company with so little money, grow quickly and be sold for a lot of money

7.2. 68% of University startups created between 1980 to 200 remained in busienss in 2001

7.2.1. These are companies created by students

7.2.2. Why do students suceed? Native intelligence Desire to learn

7.2.3. New node

7.3. Students -> enterprenuer's

7.3.1. Accustomed to learning fast

7.3.2. Not risk averse

8. Educating our young people

8.1. For our children to prosper in 21st century

8.2. Teach them about this new world

8.3. Teach them to be enterprenurs

9. The global economy has changed

9.1. Lehman Brothers are gone

9.2. GM is bankrupt

9.3. Mortgage Crisis

9.4. Market Lossess trillions

9.5. The summer crisis in Greece

9.6. 18 million vacant houses in the US