Conventional Hotel Marketing Tools

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Conventional Hotel Marketing Tools by Mind Map: Conventional Hotel Marketing Tools

1. Prospectus

1.1. + it's veryy beautiful to watch picture on it

1.2. - sometimes, prospectus are excessive, expensive and useless

2. Advertisement in the street

2.1. + the advertising is bigger and we can see more information

2.2. - it's not good for the environement

3. newspapers

3.1. + it's not very cheap and it's for a specific people

3.2. - there are some people who never read newspapers

4. TV

4.1. + beautifully to watch, easily to understand

4.2. - very expensive

5. Radio

5.1. + is cheap and we can target our customer

5.2. - we can't to see the product or the place

6. bus mailing

6.1. + is a marketing technic consister to assemble a lot of announce in a same send

6.2. - sometimes there is no space for assemble everything

7. SMS

7.1. + we can keep the information on it and it's cheap

7.2. - sometimes there are some false advertising