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CRPS Treatment by Mind Map: CRPS Treatment

1. Order Crucial

1.1. Wrong Order will Make Condition Worse

2. Remove Interference Fields

2.1. ND Doctor

2.2. Dr. Klinghardt on Interference Fields

2.3. Dr. Kidd

3. Starting Treatments

3.1. Increase Cellular Energy

3.1.1. HP Cellular Renew Increase Cell Vitality Doesn't Detox

3.1.2. Improve Mitochondrial Function ATP Fuel 5 Twice Daily PQQ + CoQ10 Less Effective than ATP Fuel Extra CoQ10

3.2. No Detox

3.2.1. Will Increase Trapped Toxins

3.2.2. Increases Inflammatory Cytokines Increased Pain

3.3. Lymphedema

3.3.1. Proteolytic Enzymes Enzyme Defense 1 to 2 Twice Daily Empty Stomach

3.3.2. HP Lymph Remedy Start Slow 1 -3 Gtts

3.3.3. Lymph Machines Helpful Usually not Necessary Start Medial and Work Outward

3.3.4. PEMF Passively Stimulates Lymph Movement Increase Intracellular Energy Info from Dr. . Oz Very Effective

3.3.5. Progress to 20 Gtts 3 X per Day

4. Next Steps

4.1. Increase Glutathione Production

4.1.1. Only if Drainage is Adequate

4.1.2. Products Choose 1 MCS2 Detox Factors Redox24 ACG

4.2. Start Slow Detoxification

5. Stephen Smith MD

5.1. Protocols for Health

5.2. Agape Nutrition