Current Fitness

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Current Fitness by Mind Map: Current Fitness

1. Find out the newest, latest treds quick and easy here!

1.1. Diigo Bookmarks

2. Google

2.1. NY Times Blog

2.1.1. The blog contains an RSS feed to other websites that give similar information about fitness, diet, and nutrition. It is also connected to iGoogle.

2.2. Barefoot Running Blog

3. My Outside Contacts

3.1. Matt Skelly

3.1.1. Barefoot Running His thoughts on the shoes. Not good for long distance running because they hurt the ball of your feet. Good for short distance and leg weight lifting exercises.

3.1.2. Check out these funny lookin' shoes!

3.2. Sarah Grubbs

3.2.1. Alpha Delta Pi sister and PED 266 classmate I talked to Sarah Grubbs who wants to be a physical therapist about her thoughts on barefoot running shoes. Even though she doesn't own a pair, she knows people with the shoes and they have the same thoughts as Matt, they didn't like them for long distance running because of the pain it caused them.

3.3. Barefoot Running shoes

4. Synchronous Connections

4.1. Facebookchat

5. Alpha Delta Pi

5.1. ADPi's Ron-a-thon. Learn about it here! Register and get a shirt, help the families of the Ronald MacDonald House!

6. RSS Feeds-Feedzilla

6.1. Feedzilla is a great place to get RSS Feeds on anything that you could think of. You can connect it to your facebook to share with you friends like I did.

6.2. my iGoogle page

6.2.1. iGoogle is able to to open up a lot of links that open up more links to other websites about more than just health, but a lot of other current news programs.