Decision Making

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Decision Making by Mind Map: Decision Making

1. Option 1:

1.1. PROS:

1.1.1. Karen goes to the principal

1.1.2. Confronts the bully's

1.1.3. Ignore them and let them talk.

1.1.4. If i was the principal i would talk to Karen then the bully's to get both side of the story put a stop to it and aware both parents of the kids what going on

1.2. CONS:

1.2.1. If karen goes to the principal it may start more problems because the girls will get in trouble.

1.2.2. They will take the rumors further,

1.2.3. If Karen confronts them it can as well turn into a fight or a worse situtation.

2. Option 3:

2.1. PROS:

2.1.1. If i was karen close friend i would denfentily go myself and tell the girls something and try to put a stop to it.

2.1.2. Listen to her and support her and just let her know she not alone.

2.1.3. Tell the boy's track team to see if they could put an end to rumors going around.

2.2. CONS:

2.2.1. It can affect her friend as well if she gets involed and they start drama for her.

2.2.2. i don't think people who start rumors know how much it affects others unless it was done back to them.

3. Issue

3.1. They are jealous because Karen is liked by many and they feel insecure.

3.1.1. They start false rumors of karen for no reason at all.

4. Option 2:

4.1. PROS

4.1.1. If i was karen i would just let them talk because obviously they are jelouse and she makes them feel some kind of way.

4.1.2. I would ask people around me what should i do and look for support,

4.1.3. For some reason it gets worse i would go to a staff so they can be aware of what going on and if something happens they were already aware of it

4.2. CONS:

4.2.1. They will think she a snitch.

4.2.2. Can lead to physical abuse

4.2.3. Everyone in the school will be talking about her so it will make her feel worse.