Technology and Perceptions

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Technology and Perceptions by Mind Map: Technology and Perceptions

1. The app I chose is based on virtual Reality since it allows me to create a self and it is entirely digital. It is not augmented reality since it is entirely based on a digital experience.

2. Augmented Reality: it is a way “to use technology to redefine space, and it places a virtual layer over the world. (Drell,2012). Augmented reality is a enhanced version of how we see and hear things. Augmented reality is when digital information is overlaid on to the actual world. An example of augmented reality would be Snapchat when it detects our face and creates a target image.

3. Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is very different from augmented reality. Virtual reality is a reality that doesn’t exist and its completely digital. Virtual reality doesn’t do anything anything with our existing reality and allows you to create a second life. There are many virtual reality games out there and sited like the second life allow you to do that in the digital world where you can explore and create a second self.

4. The app that I chose is Virtual Families 2. I downloaded this app on my iPhone and decided to play the game. The game is available to play on the computer for those who don’t like it on a smaller screen. This game allows you to adopt a little person and a start a family. You are required to help and nurture generations of your family.

5. My experience with this app was very interesting and fun. This game was very addicting and I am currently on the 4th generation of families. I had a lot of fun playing this game and will most likely continue to even after this assignment. This game is also available for apple and android phones. Below is a computer link for anyone who wants to play on their computer

6. References: Drell, L (2012) 7 ways Augmented Realit will improve your life. Retrieved from Mashable: Life, S. (2012). Second Life- The Largest- Ever 3D Virtual World Created By Users