Visible Learning

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Visible Learning by Mind Map: Visible Learning

1. Chapter 1: Visible Learning Inside

1.1. Develop Critical Evaluation Skills

1.2. Impact of Knowledge, Understanding, & Character

1.3. Evaluators of Effect on Students

2. Resource

3. Chapter 2: The Source of the Ideas

3.1. Role of Teacher

3.2. 6 Signposts Towards Excellence in Education

3.2.1. Teachers are among the most powerful influences in learning.

3.2.2. Teachers need to be directive, influential, caring, and actively and passionately engaged in the process of teaching and learning.

3.2.3. Teachers need to be aware of student learning and create meaningful experiences for student knowledge.

3.2.4. Teachers and students need to know the learning intentions and criteria for success.

3.2.5. Teachers need to relate and extend a variety of ideas for the learner's construction of knowledge.

3.2.6. School staff need to create environments where mistakes are welcomed as learning opportunities.

3.3. Aim for a d>.40 effect size on students

3.4. Focused Leadership

4. Chapter 3: Teachers: The Major Players in the Education Process

4.1. Teachers = Positive Change Agents

4.2. Checklist for Inspired Teaching

4.2.1. All adults in the school recognize that:

4.2.2. Teachers are passionate and inspired.

4.2.3. Professional Development that: Expert teachers differ by the way they organize and use content knowledge, build understandings as to the how and why of student success, use negative evidence of impact as ways to make adaptations to a lesson, and believe that all students can be successful.

4.2.4. Professional development aims to help teachers to seek pathways towards:

4.2.5. Professionalism in school is achieved by teachers and school leaders working together.