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Moonrise Kingdom by Mind Map: Moonrise Kingdom

1. this also allowed him to remain on New Penzance Island and maintain contact with Suzy

2. Sharp decides to become Sam's legal guardian, thus saving Sam from the orphanage

3. the steeple was destroyed by lightning, but everyone survives

4. Sharp apprehended Sam and Suzy on the steeple of the church in which they first met

5. woman from Social Service had plans to place Sam in a "juvenile refuge" and treat him with electroshock therapy

6. when Sharp contacted Sam's foster parents he was told that they no longer wish to house Sam

7. Randy Ward, Walt Bishop and Captain Sharp found Sam and Suzy in their tent at the cove

8. Characters

8.1. Commander Pierce

8.1.1. Scoutmaster of Fort Lebanon

8.1.2. boss of Randy Ward views him as incompetent

8.2. Randy Ward

8.2.1. Scoutmaster of Camp Ivanhoe

8.3. Cousin Ben

8.3.1. works at Fort Lebanon

8.4. Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop

8.4.1. both 12-year-old

8.4.2. both introverted, intelligent and mature for their age

8.4.3. Sam attending the Camp Ivanhoe

8.4.4. Suzy lives on the island with her parents, Walt and Laura

8.5. Walt and Laura Bishop

8.5.1. attorneys

8.5.2. have four children one daughter - Suzy Bishop three sons

8.5.3. live in Summer's End house

8.6. Duffy Sharp

8.6.1. Island Police Captain

9. Sam and Suzy first met in the summer of 1964 during a church performance of Noye's Fludde and have been pen pals since then

10. Plot


12. a violent hurricane and flash flood striked

13. Sam and Suzy attended a "wedding" ceremony by Cousin Ben, which he admited is not legally binding

14. Sam and Suzy with Cmap Ivanhoe’s Scouts paddle to neighboring St. Jack Wood Island to seek out the help of Cousin Ben

15. Sam and Suzy hiked to the cove which they name Moonrise Kingdom

16. the Scouts fled after being defeated

17. there were confronted by a group of Khaki Scouts who tried to capture them

18. in September 1965 they ran away as they decided while corresponding

19. Setting

19.1. Locations

19.1.1. St. Jack Wood Island, New England (fictional) Fort Lebanon large Khaki Scout summer camp Scoutmaster - Commander Pierce

19.1.2. New Penzance Island, New England (fictional) Moonrise Kingdom cove where Sam and Suzy were hiding Summer's End house house of Bishop family Camp Ivanhoe Scoutmaster - Randy Ward Khaki Scout summer camp New Penzance Island Church

19.2. Time frame

19.2.1. four days in September 1965

19.2.2. summer 1964