Principles of training

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Principles of training by Mind Map: Principles of training

1. Specificity

1.1. Training that is particularly suited to a particular sport

1.2. A weight lifter needs to train and improve their strength in order to be specific

1.3. A long distance runner would need to train their cardiovasular endurance and distance running

2. Progression

2.1. When training is increased gradually as the body adjusts to the increased demands being made on it

2.2. Plateuing is when progress halts within a training program and it takes some time to move on

2.2.1. If you know this is going to happen you can prepare yourself mentally and keep yourself motivated enough to keep going

2.3. If you keep the same levels of training throughout there will be no progression however if you try and progress to fast injury or fatigue could happen

3. Overload

3.1. Overload is making the body work harder to improve it

3.2. Frequency

3.2.1. increasing the number of training sessions

3.3. Intensity

3.3.1. Increasing the actual amount of activity you are including in a training session such as increasing increasing weights or exercises in a session

3.4. Time

3.4.1. Also known as duration and means increasing the actual amount of time you spend taking part in the training session

4. Reversibility

4.1. If training stops then the effects gained can be lost too. If training is decreased reversibilty can still occur

4.2. Top performers calculate that if they stop training for a period of time it takes roughly three times that period of time to get back to their previous state

4.3. It is clear that gains are made are definitely lost at a faster rate than initially achieved

5. Tedium

5.1. Varying the way you train can reduce the tedium

5.2. How 'bored' you are.

6. Comination training

6.1. Training lots of different areas to improve overall fitness or ability

6.2. Also involving a variety of training styles to achieve fitness and or strength in different ways. (in a combination of ways)