Business Structures

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Business Structures by Mind Map: Business Structures

1. Re-structuring of a company in Vietnam

1.1. Consolidation

1.1.1. Definition

1.1.2. Exercise

1.2. Merger

1.2.1. Definition

1.2.2. Exercise

1.3. Separation

1.3.1. Definition

1.3.2. Exercise

1.4. Division

1.4.1. Definition

1.4.2. Exercise

1.5. Conversion

1.5.1. Definition

1.5.2. Exercise

2. Forms of Business in Vietnam

2.1. Private Enterprise

2.1.1. Definition

2.1.2. Characteristics

2.1.3. Management

2.1.4. Special rights of the owner Lease of enterprise Sale of private enterprise Suspension of operation

2.2. Household Business

2.3. Parnership

2.3.1. Definition

2.3.2. Characteristics

2.3.3. Management Partners' Council Director

2.3.4. Partners Termination of status as partner Rights and obligations of partners Unlimited liability partners Limited liability partners

2.4. One-member limited liability company

2.4.1. Definition

2.4.2. Characteristics

2.4.3. Management One member limited liability owned by an organization One member limited liability owned by an individual President Director

2.4.4. Owner of the company

2.5. Two or more members limited liability company

2.5.1. Definition

2.5.2. Characteristics

2.5.3. Management Members' Council Meeting Rights and duties Chairman Director (General Director) Controlling Board (if require)

2.5.4. Members Ways to become a company member Termination of members Rights and obligations of a member Transfer of capital shares Increase and decrease of the charter capital Increase Decrease Contracts, transactions subject to approval of the Members' Council

2.6. Joint stock company

2.6.1. Definition

2.6.2. Characteristics

2.6.3. Management General Meeting of Shareholders Members Meeting Rights and duties Board of Management Members Duties and responsibilities Meeting Director (General Director) Appointment Duties and responsibilities Controlling Board Members Rights and duties

2.6.4. Types of shares Ordinary Share Preference share Voting preference shares Dividend preference shares Redeemable preference shares Bonds

2.6.5. Shareholders

2.7. Cooperatives

2.7.1. Definition

2.7.2. Characteristics

2.7.3. Management The congress of cooperative members The management board of a cooperative The controlling board

2.7.4. Members Conditions to become a cooperative member Rights and obligations Termination the status of a Cooperative member

2.8. State-owned enterprises

2.8.1. Definition

2.8.2. Forms of State-owned enterprises Limited liability company Joint stock company State-owned company (State invests 100% charter capital) Definition Forms of State-owned company Management of a state-owned company

3. General understanding of Business structures in Vietnam

3.1. Definition of an enterprise

3.2. Characteristics of an enterprise

3.3. Formation of an enterprise

3.3.1. The right to set up a business Founders and managers of an enterprise Capital contributions to an enterprise

3.3.2. The procedures to set up a business Conditions for the grant of a business registration certificate Prohibited lines of business Conditional lines of business

3.3.3. Business name

4. Dissolution of an enterprise

4.1. Voluntary dissolution

4.2. Compulsory Dissolution