Basketball Shooting Fundamental Lesson

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Basketball Shooting Fundamental Lesson by Mind Map: Basketball Shooting Fundamental Lesson

1. Notes

1.1. Lesson or Series Title

1.1.1. Basketball Shooting Lesson

1.2. Goals of Each Lesson

1.2.1. My Goal The goal for me for this lesson was to demonstrate that I could successfully use You Tube editor and incorporate that into a lesson in the Manitoba Curriculum.

1.2.2. Student's Goal Are students able to demonstrate they can properly shoot a basketball by watching video. Can student's successfully record each other demonstrating they can properly shoot a basketball following the rules/form presented in the video.

1.3. Content

1.3.1. Activating 1. Students arrive for class and do bell work (Journal Entry question for the day). 2. Introduce Basketball Unit that we will be covering in Physical Education for the next few weeks.

1.3.2. Acquiring Student's will watch video on Basketball Shooting Fundementals. We will discuss and share about the video.

1.3.3. Applying We will go down to the gym and they will record one another demonstrating their shooting form so they can see if they have proper form and look for things they can improve on.

1.4. Method of Instruction

1.5. Method of Evaluation

1.5.1. Can they do it Are they able to shoot a basketball properly after watching video Are they able to successfully record one another demonstrating how to shoot a basketball

2. ICT Outcomes

2.1. Digital Film Making 25S

2.1.1. General Learning Outcomes Define the purpose and audience for a film Purpose of film is to demonstrate how to properly shoot a basketball using video for students to visually see and have them incorporate this in Physical Education class, the audience of the film was aimed for grade 9 student's. Evaluate the effect of camera position I positioned the camera many ways before finding right angle to shoot the film Capture images and sounds with cameras and microphones I used a camera to shoot the film and transferred it over to the computer to begin my editing. Edit video and sound clips using a software program I used Youtube editor to edit my film for my lesson

2.1.2. Prerequisites Digital Picture 25S Print communications 25S

2.2. Affective Domain

2.2.1. Motivation and Confidence This lesson will help the student's with their motivation and confidence because they will be able to see visually see what they can work on after seeing the video of themselves so then they will be able to fix that area and become a stronger basketball shooter in Physical Education.

2.3. Cognitive

2.3.1. Produce to show understanding Student's are able to produce videos with one another where they can visually see the areas they can improve on in their shooting fundamentals.

3. Physical Education Outcomes

3.1. Goals

3.1.1. Have student's be able to demonstrate how to shoot a basketball successfully with proper form and stance.

3.2. Specific Learning Outcome

3.2.1. Movement

3.3. General Learning Outcome

3.3.1. S.1.S1.B.2 Apply and adapt activity-specific movement skills in physical activities, including group/team-type activities.

4. Resources

4.1. Materials

4.1.1. Camera

4.1.2. Desktop

4.1.3. ICT framework Curriculum

4.1.4. Physical Education Curriculum

4.2. People

4.2.1. Glen Gatin

4.3. Facilities

4.3.1. Brandon University

4.3.2. HBOIERC School