Strategic Planning Focus Group (Draft)

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Strategic Planning Focus Group (Draft) by Mind Map: Strategic Planning Focus Group  (Draft)

1. Timeline

1.1. July - Aug

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Exec Chamption : Chris Beard

2.2. Exec Sponsors : Jim Cook / Dave Slater

2.3. Exec Owner : Allison Banks

2.4. PgM : Caitlin Galimidi

2.5. Focus Group Adapt Framework

2.5.1. Sheila Mooney (Firefox Program Manager)

2.5.2. Melissa O'Connor (Support Team Program Manager)

2.5.3. Laura Thomson (Firefox Engineering Leader)

2.5.4. Doug Turner (Platform Engineering Leader)

2.5.5. Chad Weiner (Product Leader)

2.5.6. Tove Lam

2.5.7. Winnie (Finance)

2.5.8. Michelle (Headcount / Hiring)

2.5.9. Josh Kruse (HRBP)

2.6. Advisory Group

2.6.1. Karen Ward (Program Best Practice)

2.6.2. Josh Howard (Support Team Best Practice)

2.6.3. Lisa Mroz (Support Team Best Practice)

2.6.4. George Roter (Participation Plan)

2.6.5. Larissa Shapiro (D&I Plan)

2.6.6. Tara Syed (Pinterest)

3. Project Information

3.1. Objective - A light-weight, iterative, KPI-driven, strategic planning practice integral to day-day operations & product delivery.

3.2. Problem Statement (Assumptions) - Our Current Planning Practice:

3.2.1. is not reflective of industry best practices

3.2.2. is too detailed, costs too much in time and resources to execute

3.2.3. is not laid out in the right order. we are making the wrong decisions at the wrong points in time.

3.2.4. is not iterative. we are planning for the year and creating re-work and busywork

3.2.5. cannot accommodate projects at different phases (sizes) of the development lifecycle

3.3. Scope / Delivery

3.3.1. Planning workflow Identify critical outcomes, outputs & handoffs

3.3.2. User Stories participation plan D&I Plan Legal IT

3.3.3. List of planning deliverables & cadence Glossary & Data Dictionary (for framework)

3.3.4. Updated Scope Map of Planning / Management

3.3.5. Verify relation to bonus structure

3.3.6. Surveys to leadership & management evaluating improvements and understanding

3.4. Out-of-Scope

3.4.1. Changing the operating schedule for Finance

3.4.2. Quarterly performance management process and steps

3.4.3. We're not defining or mandating a product delivery methodology

3.4.4. Tool Prototype (parallel project)

4. Constraints

4.1. Planning

4.1.1. Must arrive at a Goals Cascade - Direct relationship between Mozilla top-line objectives and initiatives within each organization

4.1.2. Must be a KPI-driven practice: from top-line measures to success criteria for team objectives and strategic programs

4.2. Finance

4.2.1. Teams must work with Finance to deliver an annual budget

5. Success Criteria

5.1. Leadership team satisfaction with H1 2017 planning improvement over 2016 - 70%

5.2. ##% of people polled say we use a modern, iterative, integral planning process

6. Assumptions

6.1. Mozilla needs an updated strategic planning process grounded in industry best practices.

6.2. Varying levels of experience with strategic planning within Mozilla's leadership and community

7. Comms Planning