Map Lesson Plan

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Map Lesson Plan by Mind Map: Map Lesson Plan

1. Notes

1.1. Aboriginal Communities Map Lesson

1.2. Goals of Each Lesson

1.2.1. The goal of this lesson is to help student's visually see where different Aboriginal communities are located in Manitoba most importantly near our community of Norway House.

1.2.2. I want students to be able to see directions and approximate distance from Norway House to Aboriginal communities that are present on the map.

1.2.3. Students will be able to see how important google maps is and start to be familiar with it.

1.3. Content

1.3.1. Activating Introduce the topic Aboriginal communities, discuss and share what the term means to them.

1.3.2. Acquiring I will introduce the smart board and explain that I created a map on google maps that has different Aboriginal communities located on the map and we will be able to see directions to and from.

1.3.3. Applying We will go through each layer on the map I created with the different Aboriginal communities, we will talk about the different places and if the students have been to these locations. Discuss if there are any events that they know of in these different communities.

1.4. Method of Instruction

1.5. Method of Evaluation

1.5.1. Performance Task Are student's on task Are student's participating in class discussion on today's lesson

2. Resources

2.1. Materials

2.1.1. Google Map

2.1.2. Smart Board

2.1.3. Desktop

2.1.4. Social Studies Curriculum

2.1.5. ICT Curriculum

2.2. People

2.2.1. Glen Gatin

2.3. Facilities

2.3.1. Brandon Unversity

2.3.2. HBOIERC School

3. ICT Curriculum

3.1. Affective

3.1.1. Collaboration Cooperate and collaborate with others. Students will be able to talk with one another as a group on the different communities on the map, I will ask questions to the student's about the different communities, for example 1. have you ever been to these places located on the map.

3.2. Coginitive

3.2.1. Produce to show understanding Present information and ideas orally, visually, concretely, or electronically. I am creating this map for student's to see where Aboriginal communities are located near Norway House, they are able to visually see where they are located and see the approximate distance from Norway House to the communities presented on the map.

4. Social Studies Outcomes

4.1. Review

4.1.1. Locating cities in Manitoba

4.2. Goals

4.2.1. Having students locate and have an understanding where in Manitoba there are Aboriginal communities near us (Norway House).

4.3. General Learning Outcome

4.3.1. 4.3.3 Cultural Communities in Manitoba

4.4. Specific Learning Outcomes

4.4.1. 4-KI-007 Identify Aboriginal Communities in Manitoba.