E-Learning Game Based Tools

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E-Learning Game Based Tools by Mind Map: E-Learning Game Based Tools

1. Adobe Flash

1.1. Games for e-learning

1.2. Flash player

1.3. Interactive enviroment

1.4. Cartoons and skaches for easy learning

2. e-Adveture

2.1. Java enviroment

2.2. Game based e-learning

2.3. fun games -easy learn

3. E-learning-templates

3.1. Alredy finished temlates

3.2. Graet for using for any purpose

3.3. Easy games to make

4. Power point games

4.1. Power point

4.2. Easy to create

5. Raptivity

5.1. For e-learning professionals

5.2. For presenters

5.3. For web designers