Scientific / Lab Technology Management, Laboratory Automation Engineering

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Scientific / Lab Technology Management, Laboratory Automation Engineering by Mind Map: Scientific / Lab Technology Management, Laboratory Automation Engineering

1. characteristics

1.1. senior, experienced individual

1.2. project management experience

1.3. strong technical background

1.3.1. laboratory work

1.3.2. computational science

1.3.3. IT expertise

1.4. communication skills

1.4.1. inter-personal relationships

1.4.2. conflict resolution

1.4.3. writing skills

1.4.4. presentation capabilities

1.5. have the confidence of senior management

2. responsibilities

2.1. keep current on laboratory technologies, from the bench to computational systems

2.2. keep current on computing and information technologies

2.3. be aware of what is going on in the labs, so that they can anticipate needs before they become acute

2.4. if appropriate, coordinate systems between multiple sites

2.4.1. can labs work with common products?

2.4.2. need to share information

2.4.3. are several labs seeing the same needs?

2.4.4. systems planning & implementation

2.5. advise labs about

2.5.1. on possible solutions to problems

2.5.2. tools that might assist them

2.5.3. technologies that improve workflow

2.5.4. integration / long-term planning

2.6. advise management about

2.6.1. issues regarding data integrity

2.6.2. regulatory requirements

2.6.3. outsourcing

2.7. assist in the conversion of manual methods to automated systems

2.7.1. provide process analysis/engineering computer-controlled experiments computer-assisted lab work scientific production / manufacturing

2.8. help resolve conflicts between lab and IT

2.9. coordinate support between labs, IT, and vendors