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WWII Context by Mind Map: WWII Context
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WWII Context


First Person Shooters

Flight Simulators

Real-time strategy

Immersive Historicity in World War II Digital Games


D-Day with the Screaming Eagels: George E. Koskimaki

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Beyond Band of Brothers: Major Dick Winters

Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends:William Guarnere & Edward Heffron

101st Airborne: Mark Bandoo

Tonight We Die as Men: Ian Gardner & Roger Day


Saving Private Ryan

Empire of the Sun

The Lives of Others

Days of Glory

Saints and Soldiers

Enemy at the Gate

Schindler's List

The Counterfeiters

Inglorious Bastards

TV Series

The Pacific

Band of Brothers

Short Films

The Bridge

Two Soldiers


In the Morning

Design & Propaganda



World at War: The Complete Set

World War II: The Lost Color Archives

Triumph of the Will