Audio for podcasts

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Audio for podcasts by Mind Map: Audio for podcasts

1. The best sound engineer is the one no one is thinking about, or looking for. if we are doing our job well , we disppear

2. technical stuff

2.1. record

2.1.1. room closet avoid straight angles

2.1.2. remote phone skype Skype for Audio Recordings

2.1.3. tools mics lav for on location interviews RE20 for studio isolation screen recorder protools ableton zoom H1 marantz PMD661

2.2. repair

2.2.1. levels normalize use your ears... sometimes a wave looks loud but the output is low use your eyes... and a master fader compressors

2.2.2. mix prioritize Orchestra example

2.2.3. eq low hanging fruit low cut high cut

2.2.4. denoise example: women asking

2.2.5. tools protools izotope

2.3. design

2.3.1. music beds

2.3.2. sound effects Fun with audio off mic "brand sound" intro of 2BB 2bb boat interviews

2.3.3. deadroll

2.3.4. transition

2.3.5. use stereo space

2.3.6. tools ableton live Ableton session view is like making content with Legos

2.4. music

2.4.1. brand examples Remarkable Nuestra Musica

2.4.2. tools ableton live

3. A little bit about me

3.1. musician

3.2. sound editor

3.3. radio engineer

3.4. sound designer for commercials

3.5. radio producer

4. @XIMERmedia @julio_gonzalez

5. Questions?

5.1. Noise reduction on garageband and audacity

5.1.1. I'm working on it...