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Supernatural by Mind Map: Supernatural

1. Demonology

1.1. The Hierarchy of Demons

1.1.1. White-eyed demons - The demon chiefs of staff. Yellow-eyed demons - The demon army generals. Knights of Hell - Some of the first souls handpicked by Lucifer to become demons. Red-eyed demons - The demon deal-makers. Black-eyed demons - The soldiers, thugs, henchmen, minions

1.2. Abilities

1.2.1. Lower-hierarchy powers Telepathy and telekinesis - Demons can read minds. Some can influence an object's movement with their minds. Superhuman strength and enhanced endurance - While hosting a demonic entity, a human's body can be made to perform extraordinary feats and resist damage. However, when the demon leaves, the host often dies of its injuries. Seeing reapers - Like angels, demons can perceive entities that are invisible to human beings, like reapers. Can resurrect or heal people, but only if a deal is made. Capable of overpowering Alphas; a group of demons captured the Alpha Vampire on Crowley's orders, though only after it had been injected with enough dead man's blood to bring down a nest of regular vampires, and when they all attacked at once.

1.2.2. Upper-hierarchy powers Mind control - Demons can influence and control the actions of human beings. Pyrokinesis (known: Azazel, Brady; shown: Crowley) Injury to humans by thought (shown: Azazel) Destruction of objects with telekinesis (shown: Crowley) and with the "fiery white light" (shown: Lilith, Samhain) Overpowering or possessing reapers (overpowering: Alastair, possessing: Azazel) Resurrecting people at will (Crowley, claimed). Ability to exorcise and send lower-tier demons back to Hell with a single touch. (Abaddon) Smiting other demons with a touch. (Cain) Ability to partially enter a human's body to extract information (Abaddon) While in Hell turning demons to dust with a snap of their fingers (Crowley) Ability to smell someone and know their previous location (Crowley)

1.3. Vulnerabilities and Preventative measures

1.3.1. Preventing possession and location Exorcism - When a demon is exorcised via ritual, it returns to Hell. Preventative Charms - After Sam is possessed, Bobby gives the boys charms to protect against possession. Preventative symbol tattoos - Sam and Dean reveal that they have the protection symbol tattooed on their chests. Hex bags - Hex bags can be used to help disguise and hide a person’s whereabouts from demons.

1.3.2. Hindering Demons Holy water - While most have some vulnerability to holy water, higher level demons, such as Lilith and Azazel, appear immune. Consecrated ground - Some demons are able to enter consecrated ground such as churches, as shown by: Meg in 1.21 Salvation Father Gil in 3.04 Sin City Alastair and Ruby in 4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer Azazel in the flashback scene in 4.22 Lucifer Rising Lilith and Ruby in the present in 4.22 Lucifer Rising Crowley and the demon possessing Channing in 8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin Crowley and Abaddon in 8.23 Sacrifice Abaddon, Sister Agnes and two other demons in 9.17 Mother's Little Helper Salt - Most cannot cross a line of salt and they feel intense pain when they come in contact with it. Hunters use it in shotguns to wound them. Iron - They cannot cross an iron line, and can be hurt with an iron rod. Palo Santo - Burns in a similar way to holy water. Devil's trap - A symbol that is marked on the floor or ceiling that can trap a demon within it. If carved into a bullet and shot into a demon, it will bind the demon to their meatsuit and make it impossible for them to move far. Holy fire - While not capable of killing a demon, it will cause them great pain as shown when Meg was tossed into a ring of it by Castiel to act as a bridge out and when Sam doused Abaddon in it causing her so much pain she fled her meatsuit.

1.3.3. Means of Killing Demons Ancient demon-killing knives of the Kurds Burning earthly remains - Demons, like spirits, can be killed by burning the bones of the bodies they had as humans, before they became demons Spells - there is a spell that can kill every demon in a one-mile radius; as long as the meat suits haven't been killed already, they will survive the spell.

1.4. Noteworthy Demons

1.4.1. Azazel is a powerful yellow-eyed demon. He is a greatly respected General of Hell commanding an army of black-eyed demon soldiers

1.4.2. Meg is Azazel's black-eyed "daughter" and an apprentice of Alastair's.

1.4.3. The Seven Deadly Sins are a group of seven black-eyed demons - Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath.

1.4.4. Abaddon An incredibly powerful black-eyed demon who is one of the first demons ever created and a Knight of Hell, an elite group of demons believed to have been destroyed by archangels.

1.4.5. Cain is the biblical Cain who became a demon after making a deal with Lucifer to guarantee Abel passage into Heaven. Cain eventually killed himself, but the Mark of Cain transformed him into a demon and the first Knight of Hell.

1.4.6. Crowley was the leader of the crossroads demons, and has referred to himself as "King of the Crossroads." He has red eyes, and his corporeal form is red smoke.[23] As a human his name was Fergus Roderick MacLeod, and he was born in Canisbay, Scotland in 1661. He sold his soul to a demon, thus ending up in Hell and becoming one of them.

1.4.7. Alastair is a torturer in Hell, and specifically was Dean's torturer. Described by Ruby as "Practically the Grand Inquisitor downstairs. Picasso—with a razor."

2. Angel Lore

2.1. Created by God after the leviathans, were the angels and the four archangels: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel.

2.1.1. God created humanity some time after the angels, and placed a high value on them. Lucifer refused to accept the position in the divine order apportioned to humanity, and defied God's word. After Michael cast him from Heaven, Lucifer twisted a human being to create the first demon, Lilith. For his crimes, Lucifer was imprisoned in a cage locked with the 66 seals. This conflict had lasting repercussions, including Gabriel's descent to Earth. At some point, God also departed Heaven, leaving the angels in charge.

2.2. Abilities

2.2.1. Superhuman strength

2.2.2. Telekinesis

2.2.3. Teleportation

2.2.4. Invisibility

2.2.5. Healing

2.2.6. Sedation

2.2.7. Smiting

2.2.8. Supernatural perception

2.2.9. Telepathy

2.2.10. Dreamwalking

2.2.11. Soul-reading

2.2.12. Soul-channeling

2.2.13. Voice mimicry

2.2.14. Knowledge of all prophets

2.2.15. Time travel

2.2.16. Memory manipulation

2.2.17. Resurrection

2.3. Vulnerabilities

2.3.1. Holy oil this can be used to trap an angel

2.3.2. Angel banishing sigil Drawn in human blood. When a hand is placed on the sigil, angels are temporarily banished from the area.

2.3.3. Exorcism chant There is an exorcism chant to expel angels from their human vessels

2.3.4. Staff of Moses

2.3.5. Angel blade A short blade carried around by angels, can be wielded by humans.

2.3.6. Leviathans

2.4. Major Angels

2.4.1. Castiel Castiel, often shortened to Cas, is a powerful angel of the Lord who was responsible for saving Dean Winchester from Hell, on the archangels' command. It was his job to help prevent Lilith from breaking the 66 Seals that, once broken, would release Lucifer from his cage in Hell.

2.4.2. Uriel Uriel comes to Earth, manifests inside a vessel, and stands with Castiel in trying to prevent the breaking of a seal

2.4.3. Anna Milton Anna was originally Castiel and Uriel's superior, but she chose to remove her grace and become human.

2.4.4. Zachariah Zachariah is a powerful celestial that was under Michael's command. In his true angelic form, has four faces and six wings. Upon Uriel's death, Zachariah is deployed from Heaven and manifests on Earth in a vessel. He has significant authority over other angels. Zachariah is a direct superior of Castiel, and can even command Joshua, an angel who talks directly to God.

2.4.5. Joshua Joshua is an angel who monitors the Garden, also called Eden, in Heaven. He is known for speaking to God, although they do not converse face to face.

2.4.6. Balthazar Balthazar is an angel who fought alongside Castiel during the last angelic war. Castiel thought that he had died in the fighting. In fact, Balthazar faked his death, taking a number of powerful artifacts, including the Staff of Moses and Lot's Salt, with him. He has been on Earth enjoying a rather hedonistic lifestyle, and has bought at least one human soul. He becomes something of an ally to Castiel!

3. Important Symbols and Rituals

3.1. Mark of Cain

3.1.1. The Mark of Cain was a lock designed by God for the Darkness. He originally gave it to Lucifer who passed it onto Cain and from there to Dean. It was the first curse in existence

3.2. Angel Suppressing Sigils

3.2.1. An angel suppressing sigils are used as way of giving control of a vessel to the human the angel is inhabiting. Unlike angel banishing sigils, they do not have to be drawn in blood, though blood needs to touch the ignition sigil for the spell to kick in. Though not shown, Kevin indicates that there are multiple sigils used, that once activated, it will briefly hobble the possessing angel, giving control to host. However if a sigil is altered even the slightest, it will alter spell.

3.3. Anti-Possession Symbol

3.3.1. A symbol which will stop demonic possession.

3.4. Crossroads

3.4.1. Widely linked to magic, crossroads are said to be haunted by various entities who take joy in confusing travelers. Visited by ghosts, activities of demons, the Devil, witches and fairies, the meeting and parting of ways can also be used to conjure up the same spirits who appear there. Also, the shape of the crossroads can be used in protection against these. Spirits appear at crossroads every All Hallow's Eve and at other times, can be conjured up to appear there. Also, the very shape of crossroads is in some lore protection against the spirits alleged to haunt the places.

3.5. Binding Spell

3.5.1. One of the ingredients of the spell is fulgurite, an object formed when lightning fuses the silica in sand together. While Death is bound to them, Castiel cannot kill Sam and Dean. It is Castiel who frees Death.

4. Urban Legends and Folklore

4.1. Fairy Tales

4.1.1. "Three Little Pigs" – in an early version the third pig kills and eats the wolf. "Snow White" – in the Grimms' version, after Snow White marries the Prince, he forces the wicked step-mother to put on iron shoes, which have been heated in a fire, and dance until she dies. "Red Riding Hood" – In the version by Charles Perrault (1697), Red Riding Hood is not rescued but is eaten by the Wolf. In other recorded folk versions, Red rescues herself by tricking the wolf into letting her leave the house to relieve herself.

4.2. Bloody Mary

4.2.1. An urban legend that says that anyone who chants the words Bloody Mary three times in front of a mirror will summon a vengeful spirit. This spirit has been reported to do a variety of things to the person who summons her, including killing the person, scratching their eyes out, driving them mad or pulling them into the mirror with the spirit – generally referred to as the spirit of a woman or even a witch. This is an old legend, but in 1978 a folklorist named Janet Langlois published an essay on Bloody Mary, which led to the tale becoming a popular slumber party ritual done by girls as well as boys. No one knows the origins of the Bloody Mary legend; over the years, she has been rumored to be anything from a witch that was killed for practicing witchcraft to a modern-day woman killed in a car crash, depending on what part of the country you live in.

4.3. Woman in White

4.3.1. A folk tale with many variations. The most famous is a Mexican story about La Llorona – The Weeping Woman. The story takes place long ago when a beautiful Indian princess, Don a Luisa de Loveros, fell in love with a handsome Mexican nobleman named Don Nuna de Montesclaros. The princess loved the nobleman deeply and had two children by him, but Montesclaros refused to marry her. When he finally deserted her and married another woman, Dona Luisa went mad with rage and stabbed her two children. Authorities found her wandering the street, sobbing, her clothes covered in blood. She was charged with infanticide and sent to the gallows. Ever since, it is said, the ghost of La Llorona walks the country at night in her bloody dress, crying out for her murdered children. If she finds any child, she's likely to carry it away with her to the nether regions, where her own spirit dwells.

5. Creatures and Spirits

5.1. Leviathan

5.1.1. The Leviathans, also called "The Old Ones", Chompers, or Levis for short, were ancient, primordial monsters, as well as God's very first beasts. Thus, they pre-date angels, humans, and the soul itself. The creatures proved to be too hungry and destructive, so God created Purgatory and locked them inside. They were inadvertently released when Castiel opened Purgatory and absorbed all the souls inside in order to defeat Raphael.

5.2. Reapers

5.2.1. Reapers are angels that serve Death. They assist in maintaining the Natural Order and used to be thought as completely neutral, aligned with neither Heaven nor Hell nor Purgatory. According to Castiel, Reapers will sometimes appear in mass gatherings in prelude to a great disaster such as the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii.

5.3. Vampires

5.3.1. Vampires, or Vamps for short, are a race of blood-drinking supernatural creatures that were once human. They have been encountered by the Winchesters, Gordon Walker and other hunters. However it has been stated encountering a vampire is very rare as hunters have hunted them near to extinction although due to their ability to reproduce by transfusion there only needs to be one for them to repopulate.

5.4. Ghosts

5.4.1. Ghosts, also called Spirits, are souls of deceased humans that did not go with their reaper to Heaven or Hell and are stuck on Earth. The word Ghost is a common term for a soul that did not move on to an after life after they perished. They typically reside in The Veil, but they can occasionally appear in the physical plane. Descriptions of the apparition of ghosts vary widely: the mode of manifestation can range from an invisible presence to translucent or wispy shapes, to realistic, life-like visions.