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NetApp Cluster Mode Training by Mind Map: NetApp Cluster Mode Training

1. Free tuition fees for their wards.

2. Exams as a framework exist. Why not make them relevant. External assessment is expensive and painful for kids. If system exists why not work with it?

3. attrition rates increase after training. How do we stop this?

3.1. 6 months of contract/bond after any teachers training.

3.1.1. Why a contract? What about incentive building. Teachers are rewarded based on performance. How do we measure performance though? Exam scores...BAD measurement tool! Teaching should be in fun way. Teacher has to inculcate interest to student.

3.2. Devise other ways of retention. Profit sharing. Loyalty fund, etc.

3.3. incentivize

4. time cost is too high

4.1. teacher training "in a box" DIY with limited resources

4.2. this is only an issue for school owners

4.3. What about time lost for students while Ts are in training?

4.3.1. Is there a way to reduce dependence on training them, incorp lessons in other media?

4.3.2. Do on holidays and compensate teachers

4.3.3. summer teachers dont want to waste vacation time

4.3.4. teacher training can happen online and in groups so that class time is maximized. What happens in the U.S.? teacher training regularly over short duration of time can prove helpful What the incentive? Teachers orientation and school managers management training improves the quality of education in APS

5. Lets attract good energetic young people into teaching.

5.1. pay them more, make teachers a priority, if cant pay do other things like teacher appreciation and mak teachers loyal and want to stay

5.2. what do we do with existing old teachers?

5.2.1. attracts and trains teachers

5.3. teach for india?

5.3.1. high attrition rates