Cyber bullying and Online safety.

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Cyber bullying and Online safety. by Mind Map: Cyber bullying and Online safety.

1. Interrelation between cyber bullying and online safety:Both the topics are interdependent on each other. The issue of safety and privacy of people online are addressed in these module. The issues address the in the modules are similar. The cyber bullying is address in reference to the safety and concern of people using internet. Cyber bullying stresses the importance of online privacy and safety. It stresses on the importance of educating people regarding cyber safety due to increasing rates in cyber crimes.

2. Basis of differences:The topics that have been discussed are in two different emotions. Cyber bullying is discussing the rising issues of people being harassed online. It reflects on the statics of online harassment. It discusses the shift in bullying from playground to internet. Teens are the ones hit hardest from cyber bullying. This is depressing that 1 in 10 teens attempt suicide, according to the infographics in the module Bullying in modern era. Keeping it safe module discusses the threat to privacy and safety of people online.It also discusses the security of people online regarding their financial status. The module highlights that the personal information is used for cyberbullying.

3. Summary :The above discussing is about cyber bullying and safety and security of people online. The modules forces you to reconsider the information that you have posted online and the threat it poses from cyber bullies. On the big picture we people are more enlightened towards their security on networking sites and keep a track of their public information and friends cyber bullying can be prevented.Chlidren can be guided while using internet for daily use. Young generation should be aware of the online threats the internet poses. Financial and other private information shouldn’t be shared on social site.People should be educated about cybercrimes like cyber bullying and a stop should be put. SAY NO TO CYBER BULLYING!

4. This discussion will focus on bullying in the modern era and the ways to keeping it safe while using internet.

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9. Topics to be discussed :

9.1. 1.Cyber bullying

9.2. 2.Online safety and security- Keeping it safe .

10. An over view:In this fast changing world internet is a necessity. Many social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are used for interconnecting to loved ones and friends. Other augmented reality applications such as field trip, Wikipedia are used for our convenience in everyday life. Internet has definitely made our lives easier, but crimes like cyberbullying have also risen along with the usage of internet.

10.1. The module keeping it safe helps us to learn ways to keep ourselves safe from online crimes.7.5 million Facebook users are under the age of 13 according to the module bullying in modern age, this makes children easy targets. The young generation needs to learn to use the internet to the best use and in their best interest.I Chose these topics due to the increasing rates in online crimes. These crimes can be prevented with good counselling and better knowledge. Internet should be used in advancement, research rather than being a way for criminals to target people. Many scams and frauds are committed online by these criminals. These crimes lead to suicide in young generation.

11. What is cyber bullying? – Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place through internet and electronic devices. Social networking sites are a medium through which people are bullied. Ways to keep yourself safe will be discussed in this presentation. These two topics are an important issue in today’s era as maximum people use internet on daily baisis.The future generation depends on internet and electronic devices in their everyday lives, it is crucial to educate them of the looming danger. By educating them on ways to keep themselves safe and others around them we can reduce the rising cases of cyber bullying. Once we understand cyber bullying we can educate people on ways to avoid it.

12. Complimenting each other:Cyber bullying and online safety of people go hand in hand. One can definitely not stop using the internet but we can guide the young generation to use it for good. The internet has become the playground for bullies these days. People interact with other through social networking sites and many a times it results in being harassed by unknown users online. Cyber bullying is harassing people through online threats, offensive posts etc which can have drastic affects on the victim. The module keeping in safe address the ways to prevent yourself being victimized by these online criminals.

12.1. The module keeping in safe address the ways to prevent yourself being victimized by these online criminals. The module talks about people sharing their financial and personal information which is used by bullies online later. Some people have shared their social insurance number online according to the module. People sharing personal information are an easy target for cyber bullies. Keeping it safe module compliments the cyber bullying section by highlighting the fact that your passwords certainly shouldn’t be based on personal information like DOB, social insurance security number etc. Cyber bullying highlights the importance of learning ways to keep yourself safe from online crimes. In keeping it safe, the infographic highlights various private information the hackers use for cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a rising issue and we need to learn to counter attack to make the internet a better thing for our future generation.