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technology and our society (according to keen) by Mind Map: technology and our society (according to keen)
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technology and our society (according to keen)

we don't take the time to check if a source is credible

we think all of it is good and strive to make it even better

jobs are being lost because people are using not credible sources instead of professional sources

technology changing us as individuals

use it everyday regardless of what we're doing

we just see the positives of it

How we react to new technology.

We want everything fast and easy to access

Our technology changes what we think is worth doing - we constantly want to be entertained

don't research, just Google.

we become dependent on technology to give us information, credible or not

We no longer are willing to work hard for an extended period of time - we want instant gratification

We don't realize that we bend to technology's will. It changes our way of thinking and interacting with others.

technology changing our society as a whole

We cannot find reliable information

we think everything is reliable just because it is there

We have become dependent on technology. (the next new thing)

how we affect technology

create to our needs and wants

continually finding ways to change/improve it

we determine what is made

Our value systems affect what technology gets developed

Our old tech affects our new tech

we determine individual tech's popularity and use.

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