My Favorite Foods

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My Favorite Foods by Mind Map: My Favorite Foods

1. Pizza

1.1. Pizza is my Favorite food

1.2. As long as the pizza has good sauce I like it

1.2.1. Only like pepperoni and cheese

1.3. Vegetables as toppings are healthy

1.4. Usually eat Me-n-ed's or Little Caesars

1.5. Twice a week


2. Burgers

2.1. Burgers are second best

2.2. Vitamins and protein

2.3. Usually eat burgers at McDonald's or Carls Jr

2.4. Once a week


3. Orange Chicken

3.1. Orange Chicken is the third best

3.2. A breaded piece of chicken

3.3. Good Protein

3.4. Once in every 2 weeks

3.5. Eat this at a Chinese restaurant