Nous Infosystems

Nous Infosystems is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions and services across a broad spectrum of industries and domains

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Nous Infosystems by Mind Map: Nous Infosystems

1. Industries

1.1. Banking Software Solutions

1.2. Insurance Technology Solutions

1.3. "Healthcare Software Solutions, Healthcare Technology Solutions", Nous offers comprehensive healthcare technology solutions for payers, providers and life sciences firms... Nous has a deep domain knowledge and proven expertise in delivering an innovative healthcare software solutions leveraging emerging technologies (SMAC)... Nous is featured among “the 20 Most Promising Healthcare and Life Sciences Company’’ by CIOReview, a leading technology magazine... For more details, visit -

1.4. "Retail Technology Solutions" Nous with it's dedicated retail practice, help leading global retailers to gain 360 degree view of shoppers activity and end-to-end retail technology solutions to redefine shopping experience... Read more -

1.5. "Travel Portal Development, Logistics Technology Services" Nous as a leading travel technology provider, help travel companies with it's innovative travel IT solutions to reduce operational costs and enrich traveller’s experience... Nous has in-depth expertise in travel portal development which allow users to compare prices and other deals addressing their needs... Also, Nous has proven experience in working with global logistics providers and help them to achieve higher business efficiency with it's logistics technology services... For more details, visit

2. About Nous

2.1. For more details about Nous, visit us

3. Services

3.1. "Application Services" Nous provides managed application services to address a wide range of technology and business challenges with trending technologies like SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics, and Cloud) that meets critical business problems.. For more details, visit

3.1.1. "Application Development Services" At Nous, we offer custom application development services to drive enterprises to success by delivering highly scalable, robust and secure custom applications... We work closely with the customers to develop cost-effective custom applications that address their growing business needs in an effective way... Our technology experts are skilled in various technologies and domain knowledge to architect smarter and innovative solutions... For more details, visit

3.1.2. "Application Maintenance Services" Nous' application maintenance and support services aim to reduce system outages and maximize the performance and efficiency of the application... Nous' application maintenance services typically include the following phases: "Requirement gathering", "Transition", "Maintenance", and "Support"... For more details, visit

3.1.3. "Application Integration Services" Nous’ application integration services provides efficient and cost effective methodologies to reduce operation costs and enhance ROI with enterprise application integration solutions… Nous’ enterprise application integration services improves business processes and facilitates faster time-to-market… For more details about Nous’ application integration services, visit

3.1.4. "Application Modernization Services" Nous’ application modernization services help organizations transform legacy applications to newer technologies to deliver greater business value… Nous advances your legacy systems to empower your business by leveraging the latest technology… Nous’ application modernization services mainly includes • Application Re-architecture • Application Re-engineering • Application Migration & Re-hosting For more details to know about Nous’ legacy modernization services, visit

3.2. "Product Engineering Solutions" Nous has the capability to handle the entire software product development and engineering lifecycle... Nous builds future-proof software products with its end to end product engineering solutions... Nous' focused product development approach, delivers custom product development solutions across industry domains leveraging Social, Mobile, Cloud technologies to drive innovation, accelerate product development and cut cost... Nous' product engineering services includes Product Enhancement Legacy Transformation Implementation & System Integration Product Testing For more details, visit

3.3. "Independent Software Testing Services" Nous offers independent software testing services to address the growing needs of the business and ensure organizations need of robust testing methodologies... Nous' Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division, Testree provides innovative testing solutions including Mobility, Automation, Performance and Big Data testing and comprehensive quality assurance services to improve business agility... For more details, visit -

3.4. "IT Infrastructure Support" Nous offers infrastructure management services to improve business performance with robust IT infrastructure support services... Nous' remote infrastructure management arm, vServe24/7 offers Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) and infrastructure support services... Nous' IT infrastructure support services includes Data Center Management Services/ Data Center Operations Management, IT Workplace Services, Technical Assistance Center, Information Security Services and Business Advisory & IT Infrastructure Consulting... For more details, visit -

3.5. "Agile Consulting Services" Nous as a leading agile development company, offers agile consulting services with the benefits of agile development by delivering high-quality applications... Nous' agile practitioners offer a tailored approach with the right set of tools and agile methodologies to meet specific customer needs... For more details about Nous' custom agile development services and agile practice, visit

4. Competencies

4.1. "Digital Transformation Services" Nous is one among the leading providers of digital transformation solutions.. Nous' digital transformation consulting team helps organizations to maximize the value of their digital investments.. Read more -

4.2. "Enterprise Mobility Services" Nous offers comprehensive future-proof mobile application solutions and services to meet customer's business needs... Nous' enterprise mobility services builds feature-rich customer centric native, hybrid and mobile-web applications across smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices... For more details to benefit from Nous' enterprise mobility consulting services, visit

4.3. "Big Data Consulting Services" Nous' dedicated Center of Competency (CoC) for Big Data, provides Big Data consulting services with technology platforms to solve complex Big Data challenges for global enterprises... A team of Hadoop certified Big Data professionals differentiates Nous from other Big Data service providers... Nous' Big Data consulting services includes Big Data Strategic Consulting, Big Data Infrastructure Set-up & Support, Big Data Development Maintenance & Support, Big Data Analytics & Insights Services... For more details, visit

4.4. "Business Intelligence Solution Providers" As a frontrunner among business intelligence solution providers, Nous' dedicated Center of Competency (CoC) help organizations identify, extract, manage and analyse data... Nous' comprehensive and integrated practice for business intelligence and data warehousing along with analytics delivers powerful business insights to make better, faster business decisions... Nous’ complete BI/DW services includes Advisory Services, Enterprise Data Warehousing Services, Data Visualization & Reporting Services, Data Migration Services, Data Validation Services, Tool Based Implementation Services, etc. For more details, visit

4.5. "Cloud Based IT Solutions" As a leading cloud computing services provider, Nous offers cloud based IT solutions help customers streamline their business processes, reduce data risk, increase global footprint and improve operational efficiencies... Nous' cloud services reduce TCO and ensure maximum ROI... For more details, visit -

4.6. "UX Design Consultancy" Nous Infosystems is a leading UX consulting company offers UX consulting services for the customers with a user-centric design of a product, application or website... Nous has a team of creative designers and highly experienced UI developers with extensive experience in UI and UX design... For more details, visit -

4.7. "Enterprise Portal Solutions" Nous' dedicated portal and content management team provides enterprise portal development services embracing the latest technologies... Nous' enterprise portal solutions offer rich user interface and address information management needs with SharePoint such as SharePoint Development SharePoint Maintenance SharePoint Consulting SharePoint Managed Services For more details, visit

4.8. "Social Media Listening Services" Nous' social engagement solutions helps enterprises proactively connect with customers, prospects and other business stake holders to drive customer relationship and loyalty... Nous' social media listening services boosts revenue by improving customer relationship and promoting brand loyalty and advocacy... For more details, visit

4.9. "Microsoft Gold Certified Partner" Nous being a Microsoft Gold certified partner, optimizes your Microsoft technology investments to derive the maximum business value… Nous with a team of trained and certified consultants in Microsoft Centre of Competency, provides innovative and cost-effective strategies for application development, implementation and integration and support services. Nous is rated among the ‘the 20 most promising Microsoft technology partners – 2015’ by CIOReview… For more details, visit

4.10. "Open Source Development Services" Nous’ dedicated Center of Competency team with experienced open source technology consultants offer open source consulting services with cost effective and innovative solutions to solve complex business problems… Nous has a team of technology experts to deliver customizable and innovative open source development services to suit customers’ individual business needs… For more details, visit