Nous Infosystems

Nous Infosystems is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions and services across a broad spectrum of industries and domains

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Nous Infosystems by Mind Map: Nous Infosystems

1. Industries

1.1. Banking IT Solutions, Banking IT Services, Banking Software Company

1.2. Insurance IT Solutions, Insurance Software Solutions

1.3. Nous offers comprehensive healthcare technology solutions for payers, providers and life sciences firms. Nous has a deep domain knowledge and proven expertise in delivering an innovative healthcare software solutions leveraging emerging technologies. Nous is featured among “the 20 Most Promising Healthcare and Life Sciences Company’’ by CIOReview, a leading technology magazine. For more details, visit - Healthcare IT Service Providers, Healthcare Technology Providers

1.4. Nous with it's dedicated retail practice, helps leading global retailers to gain 360 degree view of shoppers activity and end-to-end retail technology solutions to redefine shopping experience. Learn more - Retail IT Solutions, eCommerce Development Solutions

1.5. Nous as a leading travel technology provider, help travel companies with it's innovative travel IT solutions to reduce operational costs and enrich traveler experience. Nous has in-depth expertise in travel portal development which allow users to compare prices and other deals addressing their needs. Also, Nous has proven experience in working with global logistics providers and help them to achieve higher business efficiency with it's logistics technology services. For more details, visit Travel Portal Solutions, IT Solutions for Logistics

2. About Nous

2.1. For more details about Nous, visit us Digital Transformation Solutions, IT Consulting | Nous Infosystems

2.2. News & Events

2.2.1. Nous Infosystems Has Earned the Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

2.3. Case study

2.3.1. Power BI for Tableau users Learn how Nous helped a leading financial services company leverage the Power BI platform to gain valuable business insights at lower costs and without compromising on data security.

3. Services

3.1. Nous provides managed application services to address a wide range of technology and business challenges with trending technologies that meets critical business problems. For more details, visit IT Application Services, Application Lifecycle Services

3.1.1. At Nous, we offer custom application development services to drive enterprises to success by delivering highly scalable, robust, and secure custom applications. We work closely with the customers to develop cost-effective custom applications that address their growing business needs in an effective way. Our technology experts are skilled in various technologies and domain knowledge to architect smarter and innovative solutions. For more details, visit Enterprise Application Development Services, Custom Application Development Company

3.1.2. Nous application maintenance and support services aim to reduce system outages and maximize the performance and efficiency of the application. Nous application maintenance services typically include the following phases: "Requirement gathering," "Transition," "Maintenance," and "Support." For more details, visit Application Maintenance and Support Services, Application Maintenance Services

3.1.3. Nous application integration services provides efficient and cost effective methodologies to reduce operation costs and enhance ROI with enterprise application integration solutions. Nous enterprise application integration services improves business processes and facilitates faster time-to-market. For more details about Nous application integration services, visit Application Integration Services, Enterprise Application Integration Services

3.1.4. Nous application modernization services help organizations transform legacy applications to newer technologies to deliver greater business value. Nous advances your legacy systems to empower your business by leveraging the latest technology. Nous application modernization services mainly includes • Application Re-architecture • Application Re-engineering • Application Migration & Re-hosting For more details to know about Nous legacy modernization services, visit Application Modernization Services, Legacy Modernization Services

3.2. Nous has the capability to handle the entire software product development and engineering lifecycle. Nous builds future-proof software products with its end to end product engineering solutions. Nous focused product development approach, delivers custom product development solutions across industry domains leveraging emerging technologies to drive innovation, accelerate product development, and cut cost. Nous product engineering services includes Product Enhancement Legacy Transformation Implementation & System Integration Product Testing For more details, visit Product Engineering Services, Product Engineering Company

3.3. Nous offers independent software testing services to address the growing needs of the business and ensure organizations need of robust testing methodologies. Nous Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) division, Testree provides innovative testing solutions including Mobility, Automation, Performance and Big Data testing and comprehensive quality assurance services to improve business agility. For more details, visit - Independent Software Testing Services, Software Testing Solutions

3.3.1. Ensure exceptional user experiences with Nous' mobile testing services Deliver robust and high-performing mobile applications to your customers. Partner with our testing experts to leverage our innovative testing methodologies and best practices to deliver superior customer experiences across mobile devices.

3.3.2. Anticipate and mitigate risks with Nous security testing services Secure your business from data breaches and unauthorized access. Learn how Nous experts can help you adopt the latest tools and technologies to effectively counter cyber-attacks.

3.4. Nous offers infrastructure management services to improve business performance with robust IT infrastructure support services. Nous remote infrastructure management arm, vServe24/7 offers Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) and infrastructure support services. Nous IT infrastructure support services includes Data Center Management Services/ Data Center Operations Management, IT Workplace Services, Technical Assistance Center, Information Security Services and Business Advisory & IT Infrastructure Consulting. For more details, visit - Remote Infrastructure Management Services, Digital Workplace Services, Modern Workplace Services

3.5. Nous as a leading agile development company, offers agile consulting services with the benefits of agile development by delivering high-quality applications. Nous agile practitioners offer a tailored approach with the right set of tools and agile methodologies to meet specific customer needs. For more details about Nous custom agile development services and agile practice, visit Agile Consulting Services, Agile Consulting Companies

4. Competency

4.1. Digital

4.1.1. Digital Transformation Consulting, Digital Platform Solutions - Rethink your digital experience strategy to stay ahead of your customers' needs. Work with Nous experts to leverage industry-leading digital tools and technologies and deliver experiences that captivate customers. Learn more: Succeed with a customer-centric digital strategy Digital Consulting Services, Digital Business Solutions - Reduce churn and increase revenues by focusing on your customers. Partner with Nous to build digital experience strategies that offer intuitive, friction-less experiences for the digital age. Learn more: Supercharge your customer experience Digital Experience Services, Digital Engineering Services - Customers are evolving with technology. Work with our experts to keep pace with their ever-growing expectations by creating continuous, connected, and distinctive experiences. Learn more about our services: Create distinctive digital experiences for your customers Microsoft SharePoint Services, Enterprise Portal Solutions - Why Nous? Captivate customers with intuitive mobile experiences Design and deploy mobile solutions that offer intuitive, friction-less experiences. Leverage Nous expertise in cross-platform frameworks and methodologies to develop world-class, device-agnostic mobile solutions. Learn more: Enterprise Mobility Consulting, Mobility Consulting Services User Experience Design Services, Customer Experience Consulting - Ensure a customer-centric business, and delight your customers with exceptional digital experiences. Learn how Nous design experts can help you build friction-less user experiences using new-age UX design solutions. Learn more: Build customer-centric, user-friendly experiences Application Integration Services, Enterprise Application Integration Services - Build an agile IT environment by ensuring seamless communication between disparate applications. Learn how Nous can help you connect applications, simplify your IT architecture, and meet evolving business needs efficiently. Learn more: Develop a seamlessly connected IT ecosystem CRM Services - Create seamless, superior customer experience across all channels. Leverage Nous CRM services to track customer interaction points and make informed decisions based on real-time customer data. Learn more: Manage Interactions, Foster Relationships, and Drive Better Results RPA Services, Robotic Process Automation Services Provider - Increase efficiency and save resources by automating repetitive business processes. Learn how Nous can help you develop and implement RPA solutions to transform your business process framework and achieve 80-90% faster process execution. Learn more: Drive your business processes to the next level with RPA DevOps Consulting and Managed Services, Azure DevOps Services - Automate end-to-end delivery pipelines to fast track releases at reduced costs. Learn how Nous can help you implement a DevOps culture, enhance your DevOps capabilities, and meet emerging market needs efficiently and rapidly. Learn more: Kick-start your transition to DevOps

4.2. Cloud

4.2.1. Cloud Consulting - Drive business agility and efficiency with Nous cloud consulting services. Nous offers a structured approach to cloud adoption and implementation, enabling organizations to reduce TCO, maximize ROI, and harness the full potential of the cloud. Learn more: Cloud Consulting Providers, Cloud Migration and Modernization Services Microsoft Azure Partner, Azure Cloud Services - Leverage the powerful capabilities and flexibility of Azure to grow your business. As a Microsoft Gold certified and managed partner, Nous offers end-to-end services to accelerate and scale digital transformations on Azure. Learn more: Plan your path to the cloud with Azure Managing enterprise workloads across hybrid environments can be challenging. Leverage Nous' Azure Arc based hybrid cloud solution to simplify and standardize infrastructure management. Salesforce Consulting and Integration Services - Impress your customers with quick responses, personalized services, and incredible experiences. Learn how Nous can help you adopt Salesforce for all your CRM needs and deliver connected customer journeys. Learn more: Unlock the key to great customer experiences with Salesforce

4.3. Data Analytics

4.3.1. Analytics Services, Data Analytics Solutions and Services - Make data and analytics an integral part of your business. Work with Nous data analytics experts to build a strong data foundation, discover new insights, and define strategies for business growth. Learn more: Accelerate business growth with analytics-driven decisions Data Visualization Services, Business Intelligence Solutions - Make your business data accessible, understandable, and actionable. Leverage Nous data visualization services to empower users across different levels to effectively interpret, analyze, and present data. Learn more: Make your data more meaningful with visualizations Power BI Consulting Services, Power BI Services - Enhance your team’s decision-making capabilities by transforming your data into live interactive visuals. Learn how Nous can help you leverage Power BI to visualize, analyze, and extract intelligence from your data at better speed and efficiency. Learn more: Data Visualization with Power BI Data Integration Services, Azure Database Migration, Data Estate Modernization - Meet the demands of an increasingly data-dependent future. Partner with us to build a robust data integration platform and a strong foundation for your data modernization initiatives. Learn more: Transform your business with a modern data strategy Modern Data Platform, Snowflake Migration, Azure Synapse Services Advanced Analytics Services, Advanced Data Analytics

4.4. Testing

4.4.1. Independent Software Testing Solutions and Services - Ensure reduced defects, high test efficiency, and faster delivery with Nous robust testing frameworks and accelerators. Leverage Nous proven testing processes and methodologies to improve software quality and time-to-market. Learn more: Innovative testing solutions to improve business agility Functional Software Testing, QA Functional Testing Software Test Automation Services, Functional Automated Testing Performance Testing Services, Performance Engineering Services - Predict system behavior and performance under real-world scenarios. Leverage Nous tried-and-tested performance testing services to detect and resolve performance bottlenecks and ensure swift delivery of efficient systems. Learn more: Ensure flawless, end-to-end performance testing of your systems Security Testing Services, Web Application Security Testing Tricentis Tosca Consulting Package Nous' dedicated Tosca Center of Competency can assist you to get started on your continuous testing journey. Learn how Nous can help address specific challenges around your enterprise through free 20-hour Tricentis Tosca consulting package.

4.5. IT Infrastructure

4.5.1. Infrastructure Management Services, Digital Workplace Services, Modern Workplace Services - Infrastructure downtime, even for a brief period, can impact your business severely. Learn how Nous can help you ensure high performance and availability of your critical business services while reducing IT expenditure and simplifying management. Learn more: Harness the benefits of continuous service availability Cloud Automation Services, Cloud Infrastructure Automation - Modify and manage resources on the cloud automatically. Learn how Nous can help you automate your cloud operations and centralize the management of your multi-cloud platforms efficiently. Learn more: Drive business efficiency with cloud automation ServiceNow Premier Partner - Improve productivity and gain better efficiencies by aligning ServiceNow implementation to your business goals. Learn how Nous can help you maximize the potential of the platform through our consulting, implementation, platform development, and managed services. Learn more: Maximize the value of your ServiceNow investments IT Managed Services, Infrastructure Managed Services, Managed Cloud Services - Achieve and maintain the highest levels of service availability. Learn how Nous can help you deal with the demanding task of keeping your IT infrastructure up and running 24/7/365 with our automation-driven managed services. Learn more: Ensure continuous uptime with our proactive managed services Predictive Monitoring Services - Stop irregularities from becoming malfunctions that cause downtime. Leverage Nous expertise in predictive monitoring to improve security and ensure uptime by predicting anomalies before they occur. Learn more: Reduce unplanned downtime with predictive monitoring