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Macromolecules by Mind Map: Macromolecules

1. Carbohydrates

1.1. Carbohydrates: Are sugar molecules made of carbon, hydrogen, & oxygen

1.2. Monomer(1 molecule): Monosaccharide

1.3. Polymer(Many molecules): Polysaccharide

1.4. Examples: Sugar, starches, fibers, etc.

2. Lipids

2.1. Monomer: Fatty Acids

2.2. Polymer Triglyceride

2.3. Involved in energy storage

3. Nucleic acids

3.1. Two classes of Nucleic Acids called DNA and RNA

3.2. DNA- molecule that contains all the information

3.3. RNA-several roles in associating with sotring information in DNA

3.4. DNA and RNA both made up of nucleotides

3.5. Nucleic acids are biopolymers known for all known forms of life.

4. Proteins

4.1. Monomer (1 molecule)

4.1.1. amino acids

4.2. Polymer (Many molecules)

4.2.1. polypeptide

4.3. Proteins help cells get its energy, support their structure, or take out wastes of the cell.

4.4. They are made from smaller chains of amino acids.