Claire Perry Louise Membership Kickstarter Mindmap ©Active Imagination

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Claire Perry Louise Membership Kickstarter Mindmap ©Active Imagination by Mind Map: Claire Perry Louise Membership Kickstarter Mindmap ©Active Imagination

1. Where is Membership in 2016?

1.1. Where are you now?

1.1.1. New starter Goal Lifestyle? Additional Income? Topic Authority/Expert? Passion/hobby Existing Community? Product Research Google Keywords Amazon Google Trends

1.1.2. Business Owner Connect to Exisiting Database Build Relationships with Clients Look at Existing Products & Services Website - collect data Find ways to create recurring products USP Customer Service Create Community Long standing loyal clients Sell more to your existing clients

1.1.3. Existing Membership Site Do you know the figures? How many members? Acquisition Cost per acquisition Retention Lifetime Value Churn What's going wrong? Acquisition Retention

1.2. Monetisation/Business Models

1.2.1. Subscription based product or service Example

1.2.2. One off purchase of product or service eg. online course Example

1.2.3. Advertising Example

1.2.4. Partnerships Example

1.2.5. Product Development from Data

1.3. Is Community Necessary?

1.3.1. Overall Vision, Purpose

1.3.2. Examples of Community Membership Sites Facebook Linked In

1.3.3. Examples of Membership Sites not based around community

2. Future Management & Development

2.1. Innovation

2.1.1. Engage with the community

2.2. Data

2.2.1. Track & Respond

2.3. Retention

2.3.1. Monitor Churn Active Passive

2.3.2. Tactics Surprise Gamification Advancement Emotional connection

2.4. Scale

2.4.1. Membership Levels

2.4.2. Product development

3. The Content / Value

3.1. Online

3.1.1. Digital Products eg. ezine, newsletter, reports, recommended resources

3.1.2. Online training courses

3.1.3. Live event recordings

3.1.4. Priority alerts

3.1.5. Webinars

3.1.6. Podcasts

3.1.7. Forums/FB Secret Groups

3.1.8. Swipe files

3.2. Offline

3.2.1. Physical Product

3.2.2. Events

3.2.3. Face to face coaching

3.2.4. Consulting

3.2.5. Training Events

3.2.6. Physical Newsletter

3.3. Examples

4. The Strategy

4.1. Why?

4.2. Your proposition/product

4.2.1. Ongoing value = Retention

4.2.2. Your Community

4.2.3. Membership Levels Simple & progress The Dollar Shave Club 2nd product

4.2.4. Pricing

4.3. Platform/Software choices

4.3.1. Cloud based?

4.3.2. Self-hosted?

4.4. Online Marketing

4.4.1. Content Strategy

4.4.2. Traffic Sources Paid Google Adwords Facebook Ads Free Social Media SEO Email marketing to your list Partnerships Joint Ventures Affiliates

4.4.3. Acquisition Social Media Quizzes Adverts Free gifts Birchbox Free Trials Joint Ventures Mobile Optimised, Preview & Special Offer

4.4.4. Conversion Onboarding

4.5. Offline Marketing

5. The Technology

5.1. Testing

5.1.1. Flycatcher Unbounce KickOff Labs Quickmvp Instapage

5.1.2. Testing Guidelines Search Volume Ad Conversion Rate Page Conversion Rate Product Price Point Advert/Landing Page Cost

5.2. Membership Platforms

5.2.1. Control v Ease of Access Cloud based Advantages Disadvantages Recommendations Self- hosted Advantages Disadvantages Common features of Membership Plugins - what do you need above the basic functions? Self hosted on Wordpress Recommendations

5.3. Supporting Software

5.3.1. Autoresponders

5.3.2. Landing Page Builders

5.3.3. Choice of Payment Processor

6. The Agenda

6.1. Introduction

6.1.1. Who are you?

6.1.2. What I can't teach you Where are you heading? How much time do you have? What is your budget? Lifestyle or additional income? New business or add on to existing? What do you need to achieve from today & going forward? Exercise Business as usual, offline/online Passion Commitment

6.1.3. Please ask [email protected]

7. Mindmap created by Membership site Expert and Community Creater Claire Perry Louise, Author of the book, How to Make Money from Membership Sites and the shortly to be released book, Membership Kickstarter for more information visit her website