Smithsonian Education For Educators

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Smithsonian Education For Educators by Mind Map: Smithsonian Education For Educators

1. For Educators

1.1. Home Page

2. Field Trips

2.1. Orientation Videos

2.2. Value of Field Trips

2.3. Planning a Field Trip

2.4. Field Trip Worksheets

3. Professional Development

3.1. Programs and Opportunities

3.2. Summer Workshops

3.3. Online Workshop: Museum Writing

3.4. Smithsonian Teacher's Night

4. Lesson Plans

4.1. Search Lesson Plans

4.2. This Month's Top 10

5. Resource Library

5.1. Find Resources by Keyword

6. Online Resources

6.1. Smithsonian Science How

6.2. Invent It Challenge

6.3. Smithsonian Connected Classrooms Hangout

6.4. Smithsonian Online Education Conference

6.5. National Youth Summit on Abolition

6.6. Shout Online Conference Series

6.7. Online Conference: Climate Change