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Favorite Foods by Mind Map: Favorite Foods

1. Hamburgers

1.1. We eat hamburgers at least once a week maybe twice a week.

1.2. We eat hamburgers on nights that we don't have anything plan for dinners.

1.3. Hamburgers are healthy because you have your protein , carbs , veggies , and dairy.

1.4. We usually have them at my house or sometimes when we go out for dinner.


2. Pasta

2.1. We eat pasta usually twice a week

2.2. We eat pasta on nights when it is usually only me and my parents.

2.3. Pasta is health because it has the carbohydrates that you need and it is good with what ever you put on it or put with it.

2.4. We eat pasta at my house but every once while we will eat pasta at my grandparents.


3. Grilled Chicken

3.1. I eat grilled chicken at least once a week.

3.2. We eat grilled chicken on nights that everyone agreed on .

3.3. Grilled Chicken is very healthy because it is protein and depends on what you put on it .

3.4. We usually eat Grilled chicken at my house but every once while we will have it at my brothers' and at my grandparents.