UK Population Growth Concept Map

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UK Population Growth Concept Map by Mind Map: UK Population Growth Concept Map

1. Taking a Shower

1.1. Fresh water is used for shower.

1.1.1. The usage of fresh water affects water cycle. This water could be used to irrigate crops, increase food supply...etc, so therefore affects the food supply and biosphere.

1.1.2. Fresh water is taken, hurting the hydrosphere, because the river water is depleted.

1.1.3. To heat and filter the water, energy (therefore, natural gases and fossil fuels) is used.

1.1.4. Usually, products such as shampoo and conditioner is used during a shower. Energy and resources are needed to process and manufacture these products.

1.2. draws electricity, therefore needing energy. Coal, natural gases, and fossil fuels are burned to produce that energy.

1.2.1. This releases a lot of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, into the air, and speeds up global warming.

2. Watching TV

2.1. Watching TV requires the usage of electricity, therefore energy. This results in the depletion of natural gases and fossil fuels.

2.1.1. The burning of coals and natural gases results in air pollution hurting the atmosphere.

2.1.2. This also results in the depletion of fossil fuels and natural gas resources.

2.2. The manufacturing of TV uses minerals and metals to create the electronics, and draws on resources like glass, as well.

2.2.1. This results in the depletion of the world's sand, silicon, and other metals. It also requires energy to manufacture the TVs.

3. Charging Your Smartphone

4. Riding a Double Decker Bus (Keep in mind this is still a better alternative for driving your own car.

4.1. This has the same outcomes as driving a car.

5. heating your home

6. Drinking from a Plastic Water Bottle

6.1. Oil is burned in order to process the plastic used in water bottles.

6.1.1. This damages atmosphere with harmful toxins.

6.2. The plastic is sent to the landfills.

6.2.1. This damages lithosphere with time to decompose.

6.2.2. It also hurts the atmosphere because of the toxins released while decomposing.

6.2.3. This also hurts many ecosystems because animals will attempt to consume it, thus causing problems and even death.

6.3. More fresh water is needed.

6.3.1. This results in a depletion of water resources.

7. Buying Fish and Chips

7.1. Land is used to grow the vegetables needed to make the chips (as well as obtain the oil to fry it in).

7.2. Fish and chips are sold in paper wrapping

7.2.1. This damages the lithosphere during the slow decomposition of paper.

7.2.2. This also impacts the atmosphere because of the harmful toxins released in the air impacting the ozone layer. There are many locations predicted to soon have holes in the ozone and Australia already does because of the intense heat and UV lighting.

7.3. Deep-Fried in oil

7.3.1. more drilling in oil wells. This affects the lithosphere because it is taking resources from the ground. Also the resources are non-renewable.

7.4. more fish are caught and killed

7.4.1. This is good for lithosphere, because wasted parts act as fertilizer.

7.4.2. However, it hurts ecosystems, because fish may not be able to reproduce at a high enough rate.

7.4.3. This also hurts the hydrosphere, as the water (and its ecosystems) are affected by the lack of inhabitants.

8. Consumption of and making Tea

8.1. Paper and plastic is used to package the tea.

8.2. Water is consumed in order to grow the plants needed, as well as being an ingredient for tea.

8.3. Land is used to grow the plants needed to make the tea.

8.3.1. Deforestation is needed as more and more land are required to grow the plants and farm animals needed to produce food.

9. Driving your Car

9.1. Natural gases and oil is used to fuel the car.

9.2. More people means higher demand for cars, which means more production.

9.2.1. Carbon emissions result in an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, resulting in global warming, and eventually, the melting of the ice caps.The Carbon Monoxide is air pollution and can ultimately kill us due to its toxicity and if we breath it in. Solution: Use an electric car, double-decker buses are still better because it is multiple people, carpooling, walking, biking

9.3. Carbon Dioxide is Emitted

9.4. Little bit of Carbon Monoxide is Emitted