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Marriott by Mind Map: Marriott

1. IT

1.1. Contacts

1.1.1. Neil Schubert, VP of IT strategy for Marriott International

1.1.2. Susan Preski, Program Management Mobile and Digital Guest Services

1.1.3. Page Petry, SVP & chief information technology officer

2. Marketing

2.1. Loyalty

2.1.1. Sarah Bradley, Director, Loyalty Digital Product Strategy and Development

2.1.2. Jasmine Huffman Director of Digital and Social Loyalty Community Development

2.1.3. Penny York, Director of Loyalty Marketing

2.1.4. Anna Lorch , Sr. Director, Loyalty Strategy & CRM

2.2. Loyalty / Social

2.2.1. Jonas Rosato

2.2.2. Becca Payne

2.2.3. Andy Browne

3. Generic Social Titles

3.1. Social Media

3.1.1. Lucia Evans, Senior Director Social Marketing

3.1.2. Chelsea Beasley, Social Marketing Manager Located in NY- said she owned Social Care but wasnt interested, clearly not...

3.1.3. Keith Picthall, Social Media Director

4. Contact Center

4.1. Social Customer Care (Omaha)

4.1.1. Jeff Kaiser Agents Janz Matan Mitchell Delgado Steven Westlake Sara Hough Arion Traylor

4.1.2. CX- Undefined Renee Buonincontri, VP Global Sales and Customer Care Operations Peter Hopkins, Director Global Reservation Sales and Customer Care

5. Executives

5.1. Mariana Cavalcanti, Vice President Digital Experience

5.2. Stephanie Linnartz, CMO