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Plants and Animals by Mind Map: Plants and Animals
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Plants and Animals


still alive

MRS GREN, movement, respiration, Breakdown of food to get the energy out of it., sensitivity, Reacting to your surroundings., growth, reproduction, excretion, The getting rid of wastes that the cells have made., nutrition, Feeding.

not living anymore -dead


never been living


Can make their own food.

Plants, Phtotosynthesis, Needs: chlorophyll, water, carbon dioxide, light., Makes:Food (starch) and oxygen., Starch test on leaf is how you see if it's been doing photosynthesis., 1.Boil leaf in water to soften, 2. Boil in meths to take out the chlorophyll, 3. Wash in water again, 4. Cover with iodine (there will be blue-black where there's starch)., Adaptations are things that help organisms survive better., Leaves are thin so that the sun get get to most of the cells. They have a big surface area so that they can catch lots of sun, Parts, flowers, To make the seeds for reproduction., stem, Holds up the flowers and leaves., leaves, For photosynthesis., roots, To anchor the plant and absorb nutrients.

Consumers-can't make their own food. e.g. animals.

Made of cells.

cell wall

Keeps the plant cell firm-gives it its shape.

cell membrane

Controls what goes in and out.


Plant cells might have large ones for storage.


Contain the chlorophyll needed for photosynthesis.


Controls the cell.


The stuff inside the cells that everything sits in.

Animal cells never have chloroplasts, large vacuoles, or cell walls.

Microscopes needed to see inside cells.

For magnifying., Eye piece and the objective lens give the magnification.