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Claudia by Mind Map: Claudia
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Doll appearance

- Golden Curls - Pale, porcelain skin - Most beautiful child - "Always a vision" - Fashionable clothes; bonnets, gloves, gowns... - Silverbell voice

Lestat's Toy

- Taughts her to kill - Spoiles her with diamond rings, dolls, clothes, all the luxury

One of the main characters

Louis' beloved

- Shares very loving emotions with - Father-figure also Louis taughts "Our eternal life is useless to us if we did not see the beauty around us"


- Innocent, ignorant

- Parents taken by the plague - Poor

Interested in mythology, occultism, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves


- Made by Lestat

- Lethal

- Appearance as a 6-or 7-year-old