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Alison Jones Gaming by Mind Map: Alison Jones Gaming
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Alison Jones Gaming

Sony Playstation 3


Outsells the other consoles

Only console that is 3D capable

Netflix Compatability

Best graphics

Plays BluRay movies

HD Output

Free Online Multiplayer options with internet connection

Processor can be used for Folding@home, medical research

Motion sensor available: Playstation Move, Pros:, More accurate than the other systems, More games available, Lease expensive entry bundle, Hardware: Camera combined with controller, Cons:, Requires purchase of more controllers for additional players, Requires more space, Design inspired by Wii remote - Not innovative


Most expensive option

Nintendo Wii


Over 30 million more sold than Xbox

Netflix Compatability

Fitness game options available

More cost effective than alternatives

Wii2 with HD output and Bluray upgrades expected in 2011

Motion Sensor available: Wii, Pros:, First motion sensor available, Hardware: Motion sensor already in Wii Remotes - No additional purchase, Large library of games available, Motionplus add on available for better accuracy, Cons:, Motion sensing is least accurate


Worst graphics

No online gaming

Lacking mature games for older gamers

Microsoft XBox


HD Output

Netflix Compatable

Xbox Live compatable with Windows Phone 7

Better online system (Xbox Live)

Motion sensor available: Kinect, Pros:, Kinect sensors are handsfree, Voice control, Hardware: 3 Cameras, Not necessary to purchase more controllers for additional players, Cons:, Requires more space than competitor motion sensor playing, Lag in movements


Online Multiplayer (Xbox Live subscription) costs in addition to internet connection

Least sold