Problems with Miss Jia

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Problems with Miss Jia by Mind Map: Problems with Miss Jia

1. Makes assumptions about students

1.1. Assumes that John cheated in the Maths test

1.2. Assumes that John will fail the Maths test

1.3. Only bothers to explain questions to Annie and wishes every pupil were like her

1.4. Assumes Minah will not be able to understand solutions to problems

1.5. Scolds Lian Huay but not John

2. Unable to motivate students to learn

2.1. Only Annie is interested in asking questions

2.2. Lian Huay is interested only in preening herself

2.3. Lucy is interested only in her CLEO magazine

2.4. John does not think it is possible for him to become good at Maths

3. Only interested in teaching solutions, not processes

3.1. Discourages Minah from understanding solutions to problems

3.2. Does not explain why the signs change when equations are changed

3.3. Is only interested in writing equations down on the board

4. Sense of being inadequate

4.1. Questions why she became a teacher in the first place

4.2. Wonders if the problem is herself or her students

5. Unable to cope with work; feels stressed

5.1. Meeting with dance instructor at 3:30 pm

5.2. Reschedule CCA practice for Youth Festival

5.3. Grade compo papers

5.4. Enter CA marks

5.5. Prepare for science committee meeting

5.6. Call John's mother

6. Unable to control class

6.1. Doesn't bother to scold John when he comes into class late

6.2. Doesn't bother to scold John though she thinks he may have been smoking

6.3. Doesn't know how to quieten the class without Dua Xia's help

6.4. Scolds Lian Huay but not John when an argument breaks out

7. Poor time management skills