Bob Ewell

Use this mindmap to articulate the important qualities about the character you are studying.

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Bob Ewell by Mind Map: Bob Ewell


1.1. 10/10 would quote again

1.1.1. "The little man in the witness stand had that made him any better than his nearest neighbors was that, if he scrubbed with lye soap in very not water, his skin was white" Although he was white, Scout, describes a very poor man who doe not present well in society. This reflects back to his case because it is built around the presumption that he is of a higher class and should be trusted more and treated with more respect.

1.2. Quality

1.2.1. "His stomach was soft, but his arms were like steel" Page 285 This quote shows Bob as a hard working laborer and a exuberant gluttonous figure. His stomach shows that although his arms are strong from manual work he is not dedicated to his physical well-being and given the option he would be a lazy and slothful.

1.2.2. Quote More Words


2.1. Class segregation

2.1.1. "His kind'd do anything to pay off a grudge. You know how those people are." Page 238 Bob is subject to discrimination because of his social position of white trash leading him to hate African Americans and have racial prejudices to make himself feel higher up in society.

2.2. Belief

2.2.1. “Why don’t you tell the truth, child? Didn’t Bob Ewell beat you up?” Pg. 204 Bob Ewell doesn’t have values and good morals, as he does not care for his children’s wellbeing and even goes so far as to beat them up.

2.2.2. “He was running, running towards us with no child’s steps…He slowly squeezed the breath out of me.” Pg. 285 He values his grudge against Atticus since he humiliated him in the trial, more than the lives of innocent children.

2.3. Value

2.3.1. Quote or Evidence ( Including page #) Explain

2.4. Value

2.4.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain


3.1. Quality

3.1.1. "Maycomb's Ewells lived behind the town garbage dump in what was once a neggro cabin." Page 185 Explain

3.2. Quality

3.2.1. "On one cornner of the yard the, bewildered Mayomb" Page 186 Explain

3.3. Quality

3.3.1. "He reminded me of a deaf mute." He is seen as the town dunce,


4.1. Quality

4.1.1. "He seems to have grown ruddy again, his chest swelled, and once more he was a a red little rooster" Page 192 Bob Ewell is prone to mood swings and does not check his behavior with the social etiquette that is assumed from 'higher' society. This damages his side of the case by presenting himself as a emotional and emotionally unstable man, in the court Bob swings from outrage, to embarrassment then to gloating and pride as he assumes that he is winning the case.

4.2. Quality

4.2.1. "'I seen that black nigger yonder rutting on my Mayella'" 188 Bob is crass and uncensored. It is possible that he carries this sort of emotion and resentment into a domestic setting. Even if he believes what he is saying his manner exposes his actions and what his reaction would be to witnessing and event like this.

4.3. Quality

4.3.1. Mayella looked at her father, who was sitting with his chair tipped against the railing. He sat up straight and waited for her to answer. Bob's case is built around the idea that there is no way that his daughter could have coitus with a black man unless she was forced into it. His threatening manner shows his relationship with Mayella, and that he is in fact nervous about what Mayella could say.


5.1. Emotion

5.1.1. So if spitting in my face and threatening me saved Mayella Ewell one more beating, that’s something I’ll gladly take. He had to take it out on somebody and I’d rather it be me than that houseful of children out there. Pg. 238 According to Miss Stephanie Crawford, however, Atticus was leaving the post office when Mr. Ewell approached him, cursed him, spat on him, and threatened to kill him. Explanation: This quote shows that Mr. Ewell was motivated in the trial by self- preservation. He was the one to beat Mayella, and in order to save himself, he put all the blame on Tom Robinson, who would be an easy target.

5.2. Self preservation

5.2.1. “We do know in part what Mr. Ewell did: he did what any God-fearing, persevering, respectable white man would do under the circumstances – he swore out a warrant, no doubt signing it with his left hand…” pg 222 Explain

5.3. Emotion

5.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain


6.1. Prejudice

6.1.1. “Judge Taylor was polling the jury: ‘Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…” Pg 230. Bob's trial revolved around the idea that he could be trusted more than a black man. No matter what he did. His life revolved around the idea that no matter what he could claim that he was better than anyone who was black

6.2. Domestic Abuse

6.2.1. “Tom Robinson shut his eyes tight. ‘He says: ‘You goddamn whore, I’ll kill ya.’” Pg 212 As well as prejudice and race TKAM explores domestic abuse through Bob Ewell. his immediate response when he find his daughter having intercourse with someone he believes is below his class he responds with violence abuse.

6.3. Concern

6.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain

6.4. Concern

6.4.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain