Product Ownership at Flashtalking

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Product Ownership at Flashtalking by Mind Map: Product Ownership at Flashtalking

1. Perceived lack of technical trust with delivery teams

1.1. Board being involved in technical design and 'sign off'

1.1.1. e.g version service

1.2. Board defining the features to be delivered

1.2.1. e.g Preview

1.3. Result = lack of ownership

1.3.1. Development team do not feel that they own the solution

1.3.2. PO similar

1.3.3. Lack of clarity

1.3.4. Creates delay

1.3.5. de-motivates

1.4. How to fix?

1.4.1. Seconde senior into initial sprints

2. PO Role

2.1. What do you see the product owner role as?

2.2. Non Technical role

2.2.1. No ERD

2.2.2. No tech design

2.3. Roadmap Development based on product goals

2.4. Stakeholder involvement

2.4.1. Face-to-face

2.5. Product goal orientated role

2.6. Part of a SCRUM team

2.7. Take the product vision and strategy and convert into goals for delivery by the scrum team

2.8. Talk about tools

3. PM vs PO. Who owns the product?

3.1. Individual PM Outputs

3.1.1. Vision 1 year vision

3.1.2. Strategy

3.1.3. Define the 'value' of delivering a feature

3.1.4. Define KPI's for product

3.2. PO outputs

3.2.1. Product Goal with KPI's

3.2.2. Roadmap for delivery vision and strategy

3.2.3. Features

3.2.4. Prioritised backlog Based on value

3.2.5. Release burn down for tentpole Made up by release burn down for product

3.3. Concern - PM Board outputs (Jos)

3.3.1. 1-1 relationship not working

4. How are you going to manage us?

4.1. 1-1's face-to-face

4.2. What are you expecting from us

4.3. Dictate or allow us to get on with it

4.4. Where is the PO for API/Creative preview etc

5. Dev Team concerns

5.1. Who owns our technology

5.1.1. Who do our tech leads go to? (Don't think its Pat/Trey)

5.2. Lack of process

5.3. Definition of technical qualities

5.3.1. Lack of vision on architecture

5.3.2. At the moment they are individual to product

5.3.3. What technologies should we use? e.g. AWS

5.4. Lack of standard development process across teams (Scrum master to own)

5.4.1. SCRUM

5.4.2. KANBAN

5.4.3. Waterfall

6. Director of Product Development (Company Scrum master?)

6.1. What are the responsibilities and accountabilities for this role

6.2. Defines qualities of delivery/development process

6.3. When and what issues do you expect us to raise with you

6.4. Overall view of development process?

6.4.1. Overall process owner

6.5. Get us all working to a common vision

6.6. Cascade company vision, strategy and goals

6.6.1. Pass technical due diligence for sale? Re-factor and remove technical debt

6.6.2. Staff efficiency e.g. hedges

6.7. Manage change

6.7.1. What is the change management process for getting where you want to be

6.8. Remove barriers between teams

6.9. Who controls capacity

6.9.1. Who controls cost

7. Org Chart

7.1. What do we own?

7.1.1. Gaps in ownership