Abuse in Nursing Home

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Abuse in Nursing Home by Mind Map: Abuse in Nursing Home

1. Health Dangers

1.1. Neglect-physical or medical neglect

1.1.1. failure to fulfill a care taking obligations

1.1.2. Intentional or unintentional

1.2. Significant risk factors of a caregiver

1.2.1. inability to cope with stress

1.2.2. Substance abuse

1.2.3. Depression (common in caregivers)

1.3. Self neglect

1.3.1. Unusal weight loss

1.3.2. Not having the right clothing for the wheather

1.3.3. Untreated physical problems (bed sores)

2. Types of Abuse

2.1. Verbal Abuse

2.1.1. Cussing at the elderly

2.1.2. Saying hurtful things to the elderly

2.1.3. Threatening things

2.2. Nonverbal Abuse

2.2.1. Keeping the away from others

2.2.2. Keeping them in their room

2.2.3. Ignoring the elderly

2.3. Physical Abuse

2.3.1. Causes anxiety disorders

2.3.2. Causes sleep disorders

2.3.3. Causes digestive problems

2.4. Sexual Abuse

2.4.1. Happens more often to the one with memory loss

2.4.2. Approximately 14.6 percent is sexually abused

2.4.3. Making the elderly watch porn

2.5. Financial Abuse

2.5.1. Stealing money from elderly

2.5.2. Stealing personal property

2.5.3. Made to change will or trust

3. Legal Action

3.1. Getting a lawyer

3.2. Filing the abuse situation

3.3. Keeping your eyes and ears open

4. Signs & Symptoms

4.1. Physical signs

4.1.1. unexplained injuries

4.1.2. Bruises

4.1.3. Report of drug overdoes

4.2. Sexual signs

4.2.1. Bruises around breast or genital area

4.2.2. Unexplained vagina bleeding or anal bleeding

4.3. Emotional signs

4.3.1. Threating

4.3.2. Belittling or controlling caregiver behavior that you wittnessed

4.3.3. Behavior from the elder that mimics dementia such as sucking or rocking

4.4. Financial Explotation signs

4.4.1. Significant withdraws

4.4.2. Sudden changes in the elders financial conditions

4.4.3. Unpaid bills or lack of medical care

4.4.4. Financial activities that the elder couldn't have done