Political and Artistic Revolutions of 19th Century

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Political and Artistic Revolutions of 19th Century by Mind Map: Political and Artistic Revolutions of 19th Century

1. Socialism

1.1. Economic principle where the state owns the means of production

1.2. Popular amongst the poor/factory workers

1.3. Spread by Marx after Communist Manifesto published in 1848

2. Italian Unification

2.1. Started with the idea that all Italians should united under one government

2.2. Led by Garibaldi

2.3. Many Italians were nationalists

3. German Unification

3.1. All German states should be unified under a king

3.2. Led by Bismarck

3.3. Many Germans had nationalist values towards a unified Germany

4. Realism

4.1. Artistic movement that attempted to depict real life situations

4.2. Born in France in the 1850s

4.3. Artists put much detail into their work

5. Romanticism

5.1. artistic, literary, and intellectual movement

5.2. originated in Europe

5.3. emphasis on the individual

6. Liberalism

6.1. political philosophy

6.2. first political movement of the Enlightenment

6.3. every man has natural rights

7. Nationalism

7.1. Idea of loyalty/patriotism to one's country

7.2. Tends to favour natives of a country over foreigners

7.3. Symbols like flags and national anthems highly regarded by nationalists

8. French Revolutions

8.1. June Rebellion was an attempt to overthrow the monarchy by Republicans

8.2. Demonstration of May 15, 1848 wanted to reverse the results of the Second-Republic election of deputies

8.3. Many french people didn't want a monarchy and would do anyhting to stop it

9. Revolts of the early 19th century

9.1. Many people desired independence from their ruling empire

9.2. Some tried to overthrow their government in favour of a liberal system

9.3. Senses of nationalism became popular in many colonial nations

10. 19th Century Science

10.1. electricity was discovered

10.2. railroads

10.3. telephone