Water Shortage

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Water Shortage by Mind Map: Water Shortage

1. Water Shortage Causes

1.1. Water pollution

1.2. The huge consumption

1.3. Rains shortage

2. Water Shortage Effects

2.1. Agriculture impairment

2.2. Drinking water deficiency

2.2.1. Poor blood circulation

2.2.2. Metabolism weakness

3. Introduction

3.1. This problem has some causes, for example overuse of water, pollution of water and rising temperatures. The problem effects can be lack of access to drinking water, agricultural decreasing and some diseases.

4. Findings

4.1. Direct Wastewater Reuse

4.2. Greywater Treatment System

5. Recommendations

5.1. Significance

5.1.1. Decreasing the consumption of groundwater

5.1.2. Decreasing the losses of transferring sea water

5.2. Recommended Solution

5.2.1. Greywater Treatment System