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What is celiac disease? by Mind Map: What is celiac disease?
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What is celiac disease?

The anatomy of celiac disease



By the numbers

numbers and charts laid out across the bottom of the page

big numbers: significant numbers representing facts about celiac disease

map: highlighting nevada (the amount of people with celiac disease in the US is equivalent to the population of nevada

pie charts showing how likely it is to get celiac disease with relatives that have it or without

How to live with celiac disease

list of foods/brands that are great gluten replacements for things commonly with wheat in them (bread, bagels, cookies etc.)

importance of staying gluten free: what can happen if you continue to eat wheat with celiac disease

quote from or description of elizabeth hasselbeck's book? or talk to jan's dietician for a guide to eating gluten free

map of locations in lansing area with gluten free foods