Success Thought Leaders

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Success Thought Leaders by Mind Map: Success Thought Leaders

1. Success Path / Power Within / Motivation

1.1. (1908) Andrew Carnegie picks Napoleon Hill

1.1.1. (1937) Napoleon Hill publishes - Book: Think and Grow Rich (1953) James Breckenridge Jones - Success Lecture on Laws of Success - Mentors John Earl Shoaff (1955) John Earl Shoaff - Gives Entrepreneur Talks & Mentors Jim Rohn Program Napoleon Hill was his Mentor Book 1957: If You Can Think to Four

1.1.2. Interviewed the Following Men Andrew Carnegie Henry Ford Alexander Graham Bell Thoman Edison John Rockefeller Theodore Roosevelt Charles Schwab Many More

1.1.3. Books 1928: The Law of Success 1937: Think and Grow Rich 1938: Outwitting the Devil 1945: The Master-Key to Riches

2. Power of Thought / Law of Attraction

2.1. (1841) Ralph Waldo Emerson - Self Reliance

2.1.1. (1902) James Allen - As a man Thinketh (1903) Wallace D Wattles - The Science of Getting Rich (1937) Napoleon Hill publishes - Book: Think and Grow Rich Books