Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Mind Map: Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

1. Utterson

1.1. A prominent and upstanding lawyer, well respected in the London community.

1.2. Is a very curious man who is determine to get to the bottom of the situation with this Hyde man.

1.3. His rationalism makes him ill equipped to handle the Jekyll-Hyde situation.

2. Lanyon

2.1. A doctor who worked alongside Dr. Jekyll. In which he became close friends with.

2.2. Lanyon recently disagreed with Jekyll's last experiment.

3. Dr. Jekyll

3.1. A respect doctor in community which is well respected for his decency and charitable works.

3.2. Jekyll finds this dark side a burden and undertakes experiments intended to separate his good and evil selves from one another. Through these experiments, he brings Mr. Hyde into being, finding a way to transform himself in such a way that he fully becomes his darker half.

4. Mr. Hyde

4.1. Hyde is Dr. Jekyll dark side.

4.2. A strange, repugnant man who looks faintly.

4.3. Hyde is saw as violent and cruel, and everyone who sees him describes him as ugly and deformed.