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Receptive Skills by Mind Map: Receptive Skills

1. How do the Receptive Skills must be teached?

1.1. with

1.1.1. Authentic material, which is material NO written to teach a second language

2. Can we have difficulties with the receptive skills?

2.1. YES :(

2.1.1. Which ones? Grammar Unknown words, unfamiliar topics Accents

3. Does this difficulties have solutions?

3.1. YES :D

3.1.1. Which ones? Organization of Input Assumed shared knowledge Familiarity with topics

4. Are there other skills?

4.1. Yes

4.1.1. Productive Skills Speaking Writing

5. Subskills

5.1. Reading/listening for gist. Searching for general information

5.1.1. Skimming, is used to quikly identify the main ideas of a text/recording

5.2. Reading/listening for detail. Searching for specific information

5.2.1. Scanning

5.3. Intensive reading/listening, which is slow, careful reading of a small amount of a text to understand specific parts of it. Like how the language works.

5.3.1. Intensive VS Extensive listening/reading Extensive reading/listening: Reading as much as possible , for your own pleasure, at a difficult level to you.

5.4. Interpret speaker's/writter's attitude, opinion, etc.

5.4.1. The author could be sarcastic, could act happy, sad, too formal. etc.

6. Receptive Skills

6.1. Reading

6.2. Listening

6.2.1. How do we listen? Top down processing of information. KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD General knowledge SCHEMA Background knowledge Bottom up procesing of information. KNOWLEDGE OF THE LANGUAGE SYSTEM Sentences Chunks Words, sounds, etc