Site Map (Alpha)

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Site Map (Alpha) by Mind Map: Site Map (Alpha)

1. Greeting - Default Page

2. What is Pixster? - (about us)

3. Buy Now - Link to static pages. (until the store works with paypal payment options)

3.1. Digital Picture Frame

3.1.1. Wifi PXT410WR01 Description: Pix-Star 10-Inch FotoConnect XT Web Frame with Wi-Fi and Email (Black) sales Pitch (This goes above the page tabs) attached Product Description attached (this goes under the description tab) Product Specifications (this goes under the specifications tab) Paypal Button Code PXT408WR01 Description: Pix-Star 8-Inch FotoConnect XT Web Frame with Wi-Fi and Email (Black) Sales Pitch Product Description Product Specifications Paypal Button Code

3.1.2. Portable

3.2. Accessories

3.2.1. Memory Cards

3.2.2. Wireless Memory Cards

4. Support -

4.1. FAQs

4.2. Help

4.3. Documentation

4.4. Contact

5. Community

6. News

6.1. Blog

6.2. Reviews