Research Methods

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Research Methods by Mind Map: Research Methods

1. Questionnaires

1.1. Advantages

1.1.1. Save time

1.1.2. Easy to quantify and analyze

1.1.3. No limit sample size

1.2. Disadvantages

1.2.1. No way to validate the data collected

1.2.2. Answers may not make sense as different people interpret questions differently

2. Research

2.1. Ethics

2.1.1. Confidentiality Hiding respondents identity and not share their actual self to the public, and the information gathered will be utilized for specific purposes

2.1.2. Anonymity hiding respondents real identity and not mentioning their names

3. Smoking in UAE

3.1. Who smokes? Now, ever? How much? Family members?

3.2. Why do people smoke when they know it is not good for them in the UAE?

3.3. Who has health problems from smoking?

4. Focus groups

4.1. Advantages

4.1.1. Can seek clarifications on the information received from the group

4.1.2. Can gather comprehensive information on the personal and group feelings of the respondents towards the topic

4.1.3. Save time and resources

4.2. Disadvantages

4.2.1. The moderator may be swayed to be bias due to their own views or attitudes on the topic of study

4.2.2. The group members may not express their honest views due the fear of victimization

5. Interviews

5.1. Advantages

5.1.1. Collect sufficient information

5.1.2. Make clarifications or rectifications easily on the data received

5.1.3. Able to capture the emotions, verbal and non-verbal of the interviewee

5.2. Disadvantages

5.2.1. Costly

5.2.2. Limited sample size