Reported questions vs. indirect questions

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Reported questions vs. indirect questions by Mind Map: Reported questions vs. indirect questions

1. Reported questions

1.1. Form: When we are reporting questions, the subject comes before verb.

1.2. Negative questions: we do not use auxiliary verb "do" except in negative questions.

1.2.1. Direct quesion: Why this GPU doesn't supports DX11? Reported question: He asked me why this GPU didn't support DX11.

1.3. Yes/No questions: When answer to the question is "yes" or "no" we use "if" or "whether".

1.3.1. Direct question: Do you want to buy this MBO? Reported question: I asked him if he wanted to buy that MBO.

1.4. Who/What/Which: When we report questions with 'who, what or which' + to be + complement, the verb 'to be' can come before or after the complement.

1.4.1. Direct question: What is your favourite GPU brand? Reported question:

1.5. When we are transforming direct question into reported, verb tense goes one tense back.

1.5.1. Present simple => Past simple Present perfect=> Past perfect

2. Indirect questions

2.1. We use it when we want to sound polite.

2.2. Form: We begin questions with something like: Can you tell me...? Do you know...? I wonder if...?

2.3. Do/did/does: If direct question contains "do", "did" or "does" we omit it in indirect question.

2.3.1. Direct question: How does hard drive work? Indirect question: Can you tell me how hard drive works?

2.4. Yes/No questions: When answer to question is "yes" or "no", in question we use "if" or "whether".

2.4.1. Direct question: Is that CPU under warranty? Indirect question: Could you tell me if that CPU is under warranty?