My "Workflow..."

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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My "Workflow..." by Mind Map: My "Workflow..."

1. Google Calendar

2. Gmail

2.1. Only keep unsolved emails in inbox

3. GoogleTasks

4. Visual Studio

4.1. Code

4.2. Builds

4.2.1. AnkhSVN Tortose SVN

4.3. Publish

4.3.1. Installation Folder JBSD Sub-Domain

4.3.2. Publishing Folder Local Host

5. Unfuddle

5.1. Milestones

5.1.1. Tickets

5.2. Internal Wiki (Notebook)

6. Tumblr

6.1. User Comments

6.2. Progress

6.3. Latest Published

7. Iphone


8.1. Sub-Domains created through the GoDaddy Interface

9. FileZilla

9.1. Copy files from local host to sub domain

10. End User

10.1. User Comments

10.2. Download and install the software via the VS generated publish.htm.

10.3. Software automatically updates by checking the manifest file stored in the JBSD subdomain