Immigration in Canada

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Immigration in Canada by Mind Map: Immigration in Canada

1. 1815-1850

1.1. Irish sailed to North America during the Irish Potato famine of 1845-1849.

1.1.1. It is estimated that Around 100 000-500 000 immigrated. However,

1.2. British and Irish are encouraged to settle in Canada

1.2.1. occurred After the war of 1812

1.2.2. some who were Already in Canada after the war (British Army)

2. 1970'S-PRESENT

2.1. 1990 Chinese Immigration head tax increases to $100.00 CAN

2.2. Immigration Act is revised (1976)

2.2.1. which identified objectives for the immigration program and forced the government to plan for the future such as

2.3. Immigration Regulations

2.3.1. which Revised the Points System Created the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program

3. 1851-1914

3.1. Chinese Immigration Act (1885)

3.1.1. was an Act which placed a head tax on Chinese Immigrants of around which

3.2. Dominion Lands Act

3.2.1. was an Act which aimed to encourage the settlement of the Canadian Prairies. but was Act which helped prevent Americans from claiming Prairie land.

3.2.2. which led to Canada inviting mass emigration by European and American pioneers offering them and

3.3. Canada is formed as a country (1867)

3.3.1. this leads to

3.4. Continuous Passage Act (1908)

3.4.1. was an Act that required Indians come to Canada only by sailing directly from India.

3.5. Government delegation to Japan

3.5.1. was an agreement that the Japanese government would limit emigration to Canada by 400 a year.


4.1. Chinese Immigration Law repelled

4.1.1. in 1947

4.1.2. due to Recognition of the contribution of Chinese Canadians to Canada during World War II

4.2. Dominion Land Act finally repelled in 1950

4.3. Point system is created

4.4. (1950) Germans are removed from the category of "Enemy Aliens"

5. WORLD WAR II (1939-1945)

5.1. Led an effect because it

5.1.1. Changed attitudes about Immigrants during the war.

5.2. Canada had the worst records of any of the refugee receiving countries for Jews.

5.2.1. they Only admitted around 5000 Jews.

5.3. (1939), Shipload of German Jewish refugees went aboard the S.S. St. Louis

5.3.1. however were refused sanctuary in Canada and forced to return to Europe.

5.4. Period of low immigration occurs due to the war.

6. WORLD WAR I (1914-1918)

6.1. Ukrainian Canadian internment

6.1.1. created under The War Measures Act

6.1.2. part of the Confinement of "Enemy Aliens"

6.1.3. lasted during WW1 and two years after. (1914-1920)

6.2. Period of lowered immigration occurs due to the war.


7.1. Chinese Immigration Law Act (1923)

7.1.1. was an Act which banned most forms of Chinese Immigration

7.2. "Enemy Aliens" forbidden to enter Canada.

7.2.1. This included Ukrainians Japanese Germans

7.3. Immigrants are required to possess $250.00 in landing money.

7.4. Immigrants must obtain a visa in 1921

7.4.1. which was obtained overseas.

7.5. Prohibition of certain groups

7.5.1. such as Mennonites later Doukhobors Hutterites

7.5.2. due to their "peculiar habits, modes of life and methods of holding property". later repealed in 1923

7.6. Empire Settlement Act

7.6.1. was an Agreement between the British and Canadian government to

7.7. Regulations were enacted to prohibit admission

7.7.1. based on Customs Modes of living Methods of holding property