Mediterrean Monk Seal

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Mediterrean Monk Seal by Mind Map: Mediterrean Monk Seal

1. Status

1.1. the earliest seals use to extend to the meditererrean sea and the black sea.

1.2. the species have extinct in the sea of marmara.

2. Habitat

2.1. the habitat of this seal changed over the years

2.2. in ancient times and uptil the 20th century to seek refuge on the opened beaches

3. Biology

3.1. underwater divers

3.2. warm blooded

3.3. these seals are dying from polluted water in the meditarrean sea

4. Biome

4.1. marine biomes

4.2. lives under water

5. Human impacts

5.1. use lots of car gas so the gas pollutes the water that the seals are living in

6. Description

6.1. grows 80cm at birth to 7.8ft.

6.2. they later on weigh 690 lb.

6.3. females being slightly smaller than males

7. Diet

7.1. Mediterranean monk seals feed on a variety of fish and mollusks, primly octopus, squid and eels up to 3 kg a day.

8. Preservation

8.1. damage inflicted fisherman's nets.

8.2. In the Aegean sea, only Greece distrubuted a large area for the monk seal and its habitat.

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