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Ponyboy by Mind Map: Ponyboy

1. Gang

1.1. Like Ponyboy's family

1.2. Always stick togethr

2. Shmuel

2.1. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

3. Dave Pelzer

3.1. A Child Called 'It'

4. Lost Parents

4.1. Both Ponyboy and Shmuel lost their parents and they miss them and sometimes feel lonely

5. Toughening Environment

5.1. Both Ponyboy and Dave grew up in an environment that makes them stronger/tougher people

6. Naomi Porter

6.1. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

7. James McBride

7.1. The Color of Water

7.2. finally accepting other types of social groups

8. Cookie

8.1. Stop Pretending

9. Lost Close Friend

9.1. Both Ponyboy and Cookie lost a close friend. Cookie's sister didn't actually die, she just has mental issues which prevented them from having their same relationship. Ponyboy lost Johnny who was like his best friend

9.2. Johnny held the gang together

9.3. Cookie's sister was like her best friend

9.4. Both characters feel lost or unstable

10. Pressure to Act a Certain Way

10.1. Naomi feels like she needs to be like the person she was before she lost her memory

10.2. Ponyboy feels like there's a stereotype he needs to fit into

11. Accepting Social Groups

11.1. James learned to not hate his mothers skin

11.2. Ponyboy realized a union between Greasers and Socs