Jonas from the Giver

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Jonas from the Giver by Mind Map: Jonas from the Giver

1. Petey from the book Petey

2. Katniss Everdeen

3. America Singer

4. Tris Prior

5. Belly Conklin

6. had to make life altering decision

7. Belly has to choose between to boys she loves

8. Jonas has to choose between the two people he loves most and his mentor and Gabriel a little baby who Jonas considers a brother

9. Feel strongly that all people have the right to free will and to make your own choices

10. America has Tod do what is best for her image while she is in the Selection competition and even later when she becomes queen which takes away some of her free will rights.

11. Jonas lives in a community where free will and the ability to make your own choices doesn't exist.

12. don't like the way our governments are run

13. Tris government lied about everything

14. My government took the knowledge of everything away which made us oblivious that there was anything else but what we knew

15. couldn't speak his mind

16. Petey couldn't speak his mind because he had a disease called Cerebral Palsy

17. Jonas couldn't speak his mind because his society prevented him from doing so

18. have to be careful what you say to protect the ones you love

19. Katniss has to be careful about what she says to protect her mother and her sister.

20. Jonas has to be careful about what he's says to protect his family and Gabriel.